Top 5 Best Classroom Printers For Teachers

Best classroom Printers For School teachers

One of the most important tools for teachers to have in the classroom is a good printer and copier. A classroom printer will print thousands of pages and copies throughout the year and so it is important to find a printer that will last.

The type of printer you will need for your classroom will likely depend on the age of students you are teaching. If you’re teaching kids / kindergarten classes, you will no doubt need a printer which is capable of color printing and photocopying.

If you’re teaching older learners, however, having a color printer might not be as important and you may want a printer that can print a large number of pages quickly.

In this post we have put together a list of the best classroom printers for teachers.

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Best All In One Printer For Teachers

This classroom printer is an all in one printer and has everything you would need for printing in the classroom.

Why We Like It:

With this printer you can scan, print, and photocopy. Everything you would need in class. This printer is fast and can print up to 20 ppm. The photocopier has an auto feeder so you can copy many worksheets or documents at once. It’s also capable of double sided printing.

We also like that the scanner has the capability to save files to a computer, or straight to a USB. Which is perfect if you are a teacher who regularly moves between classes.

What we really like about this classroom printer is the ability to print remotely via an app. So, if you’re running late for class or you’re teaching in another part of the school, you can easily print something from your phone and it will be ready for you when you get to the classroom.

Best For Printing Many Pages

This next classroom printer is best for those teachers who need to print many pages fast. It is a monochrome (black and white) laser printer from Brother.

Why We Like It:

This printer is capable of very fast printing with up to 32 ppm and is capable of double-sided printing. With a huge expandable paper draw capable of holding 250 sheets of paper, and a high-yield toner cartridge installed, this printer is perfect for teachers who need to print many pages in the classroom.

Also, due to the long lasting toner cartridges this printer makes for very cost efficient printing.

Best Color Printer For The Classroom

Teachers will love using this color printer from Epson in their classroom.

Why We Like It :

What makes this printer perfect for the classroom is the ‘cartridge-free ink supertank’. This printer doesn’t have ink cartridges or toner. Instead it comes with a refillable ink tank.

This means that the printer can not only print a huge amount of pages, it is also very cheap to replace the ink when it runs out.

This color printer is also a scanner and photocopier and so it is perfect for teachers who need to do color photocopying and printing of worksheets and other documents.

Best Budget Printer For Teachers

If you need a printer for your classroom but you have a limited budget, this all in one printer from Canon is a great choice.

Why We Like It:

The printer, scanner, and copying abilities make this printer perfect for the classroom. It is also very easy to set up and and can even do mobile / tablet printing.

We also like how compact this printer is. This printer will fit perfectly on a teacher’s desk.

Best Classroom Printer and Copier

This last classroom printer and copier is is great for the classroom or teacher’s office.

Why We Like It:

What we like most about this one is that even though it is a printer and copier, it is still compact and able to fit comfortably on a desk.

We also love how that this color printer copier is capable of wifi and mobile printing and so it is a great choice if you are planning on sharing this printer copier with other classrooms, or if you’re planning on keeping this printer in the teachers’ office.

Thanks for reading. I hope you found a great printer for your classroom. Before you go, check out our other posts on the best rolling carts for teachers, and the best teacher bags.