Best Classroom Whiteboards And Dry Erase Boards For Students

Classroom whiteboards are an amazing way to increase student engagement. Young students especially will love doing their class work using a dry erase marker and a whiteboard. 

Whether you’re teaching math, science, or teaching English in Korea, classroom whiteboards can be used for a huge variety of fun and engaging classroom activities.

When it comes to dry erase whiteboards for the classroom, teachers have a wide variety of choices. There are magnetic whiteboards, double-sided whiteboards, whiteboards with lines, and many more. 

In this post we take a look at the best whiteboards and dry erase boards for students. All of these are small and light enough for students to hold and use in the classroom, and come in sets so you can ensure you have enough for each student in your class. 

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Best Classroom Whiteboards and Dry Erase Board Sets For Students

Magnetic Dry Erase White Board Pack by Scribbledo

This dry erase whiteboard set for the classroom comes in a pack of 10 and are perfect for students to use. 

What we like about them: 

The large writing surface gives students lots of room to write and is perfect for math class, spelling, English activities, and more. 

The light weight design means these dry erase boards are easy for students to hold and move around the classroom. Which is great for interactive activities where the students may hold up their board to show the teacher, or share the white board with other classmates.

2. Pack Of 30 Mini White Boards For Students by Dreamline Products

These double sided mini whiteboards for students come in a pack of 30, which is enough for most classroom sizes. If you need more, you can also purchase a pack of 60. 

What we like about them: 

These dry erase boards are double sided so your students will never run out of writing space. Also, these are great for various classroom activities and games where students need to write different things on each side. 

They are light enough for students to easily handle, but thick enough that they provide a hard writing surface. 

We also like that the mini whiteboards come in a beautiful box, great for storing the boards away in the classroom when not in use.

3. Pack Of Dry Erase Lined White Boards by Scribbledo

These double-sided lined whiteboards come in a pack of 10 and include the dry erasers and marker pens.

What we like about them: 

These lapboards are lined and so they are great to help students practice writing the alphabet and improve their handwriting. 

These whiteboards are also double-sided. One side has lined and one side is blank, so whether your teaching writing or playing a classroom game, these whiteboards are perfect.

4. Dry Erase Answer Boards / Paddles from EAI Education

These double-sided whiteboard paddles are magnetic and dry erase and come in a pack of 5.

What we like about them: 

These are great for playing classroom games and quizzes as students can easily hold up and show their answer. 

Also, as they are double-sided, students can easily flip them around to show their work. 

5. Magnetic Dry Erase White Board Sheets – Pack Of 5

These versatile magnetic whiteboard sheets can be used by students in the classroom in a variety of different ways.

What we like about them: 

These magnetic whiteboard sheets can be attached to any metal surface, or your classroom whiteboard if it is magnetic, to display students’ work. Great for art class and for showing off your students’ progress.