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Best TEFL Course For Korea

So you’ve decided you want to teach English in South Korea? If you’ve already begun researching jobs in South Korea I’m sure you’ve noticed that a TEFL certificate is one of the key requirements for the vast majority of English teaching jobs. 

There are so many TEFL courses out there for you to choose from, so how do you know what the best TEFL course is for Korea?

Well, the best TEFL course for Korea will largely depend on the type of teaching job you want and your English teaching career aspirations.

In this post we’ll go through the different types of teaching jobs in South Korea and the best TEFL certificates to help you begin your exciting career in teaching English in South Korea.

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Best TEFL Courses For Korea

TEFL Courses For Private School Jobs

If you are interested in teaching English in a private school (Hagwon) in Korea an online TEFL certificate is absolutely fine. 

A TEFL certificate is not required in order to get a working visa in Korea and there are some private schools which will hire teachers without a TEFL certificate. 

However, the vast majority of private school / Hagwon jobs will list a TEFL qualification as one of their requirements. 

Also, with a TEFL certificate you can usually receive a higher salary than you would if you didn’t have a TEFL qualification. This is usually at least 100,000 KRW (approx $100) more. This means that after just a couple of months of teaching in Korea the TEFL certificate would have paid for itself. 

If you’re interested in taking an online TEFL course, then we highly recommend the guys at TEFL Pros.

TEFL Pros offer a great 120-hr TEFL course which is internationally recognized and perfect for those looking to teach English in Korea. Unlike other TEFL certificate programs, TEFL Pros allow you to ‘try before you buy‘ with their free 2-day course so you can check out if the course is right for you.

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TEFL Courses For Public School Jobs

Public school teaching jobs in Korea are run by the EPIK program.

Again, although a TEFL certificate is not required to get your working visa, a TEFL certificate is required for public school jobs. 

You’ll notice on the EPIK payscale that education offices in Korea are not accepting applicants that don’t have a TEFL certificate (or a teaching licence / Bachelors in Education).

The best TEFL course for teaching at a public school in Korea will depend on where in Korea you want to work.

This is because each province / city has a different office of education with different requirements for English teachers. 

Some areas only require a TEFL certificate of 120 hours which can be online or in-class.

Some of the larger cities, however, require that at least 20 or 50 hours of your TEFL qualification are conducted in class.

For up to date information regarding these requirements for public schools in Korea, we recommend contacting EPIK directly.


If you are applying for a public school job in a province that only requires an online TEFL certificate, then again we would recommend TEFL Pros. There are, however, many other great online TEFL courses out there. Check out our list of The Best Online TEFL Course Providers for more recommendations.


If you want to work in a city that requires that your TEFL certificate has in-class hours then we would recommend the International TEFL Academy (ITA).

ITA is one of the world’s largest TEFL certificate providers and offers hybrid courses which are conducted online and in-class in many locations around the world. This makes it a perfect TEFL course for Korea public school jobs that require that your TEFL qualification includes in-class hours

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