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Logo Quiz – Find The Odd One Out

This game is a fun logo quiz in which you must find the odd one out! There are 10 rounds and in each round you will see pictures of many logos. You must find the logo that is different from the all the others. This odd one out game is a great activity to use as a fun icebreaker or when you have an extra time activity. See below for more detailed instructions on how to play and for related resources.

Logo Quiz – Find The Odd One Out

How To Play

To play, simply start the video. There are 10 rounds. Each round will show you many pictures of the same logo with one logo that is slightly different. You then have 10 seconds to find the odd one out. After 10 seconds, an arrow will indicate the location of the different logo.


If you are playing this game in class with many students, a great way to have then indicate their guess is to have them write down the ‘coordinates’ of the logo. To do this, instruct students that the rows are letters A to F, and the columns are numbered 1 to 10. That way, students can write down the ‘coordinates’ of the odd one out.

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