Online Halloween Games

6 Fun Online Halloween Games

With many teachers around the world teaching online this year, many of the Halloween activities they usually play in class may not be possible. But don’t worry, there are many fun online Halloween games you can play while teaching online in a virtual classroom or via Zoom. Here are 5 fun Halloween games you can play online.

1.Easy Halloween Quiz

This first game is an easy online Halloween quiz. There are 10 Halloween trivia questions and each one is a multiple-choice question. To play online, simply play the video from this page or from YouTube and share your screen with your students. After each question, pause the video to give students time to choose their answers.

2.Halloween PowerPoint Game

Halloween Game

This next game is a fun Halloween PPT game for kids that you can easily play online. Simply Download This Halloween PPT Game and share your screen with your students. The game is a fun ‘race’ game in which a witch and a ghost will race to the Halloween candy. To play, divide students into two teams; one Witch Team and one Ghost Team. Next, the teams will take turns choosing a letter and then answering a Halloween question. Following that, click on the Witch or Ghost to make it move. The first team to reach the Halloween candy is the winner.

3.Halloween Guessing Game

If you’re teaching Halloween vocabulary, this Halloween guessing game is a great way to warm up or review. Again, simply play the video from this page or from YouTube and share your screen with your students. There are 10 pictures of Halloween things hidden behind some colored shapes. As the shapes disappear, students must try to guess the Halloween word. You can pause the video and ask students to write down the answer, ask students to raise their hands, or simply ask students to shout out the Halloween word once they’re ready to guess.

4. Guess Who Is The Scary Witch

This next online Halloween game is really fun and can easily be played while teaching virtually / on Zoom. And the best part is it doesn’t need any prep at all. To play, choose one student to be ‘it’ and ask that student to close their eyes or turn away from the webcam. Next, choose another student to be the ‘Witch’. This student must then say, in a scary Witch voice, “I am a scary witch! Be very afraid! Hahahahaha!” The student who closed their eyes must then try to guess which student from class said those words.

5. Draw A Monster

To play this Halloween game online, students will each need a piece of paper and a pencil. Play the video from this page or from YouTube and share your screen with your students. Students will see three sentences describing a monster. Students should read the sentences and then try to draw what they think the monster looks like. Next, pause the video to give students time to draw. Then, ask students to hold their pictures up to the webcam for the other students to see. And finally, press play on the video to reveal the picture of the monster.

6. Halloween Odd One Out Game

This simple Halloween game is lots of fun! To play, simply show the video. There are ten rounds, and in each round, students have 10 seconds to find the odd one out. Play it at the start of class to warm up, at the end of class to review, or anytime you need a quick and fun Halloween game.

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