Business English Quiz

Business English Quiz

Try this Business English Quiz and put your Business English knowledge to the test! The interactive quiz below includes 15 questions, and in each question, you are asked to choose the correct business English expression to complete a sentence. Are you up for the challenge? Let’s see how well you really know business English!

Business English Quiz

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Please send me the revised report ___, so we can finalize the project.

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Our initial marketing plan didn't yield the expected results, so it's ___.

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Can you give me a ___ for the cost of the new software?

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The ___ is that we need to increase sales by 15% to meet our annual target.

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Let's schedule a ___ session to generate new ideas for our next product launch.

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Our accounting department always operates ___ to ensure compliance with regulations.

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Our flagship product has become a ___, consistently generating a significant portion of our revenue.

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Our company is known for its ___ technology and innovative solutions.

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Due to the economic downturn, the company had to consider ___ to reduce expenses.

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Now that everyone is here, let's ___ and discuss our strategy.

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Our customer service team always ___ to ensure client satisfaction.

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After a difficult year, our company is finally back ___.

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If sales don't improve soon, we'll be ___ by the end of the quarter.

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It's important to ___ and not lose sight of our long-term goals.

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We should ___ our existing network to secure new partnerships.

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