Phonics PPT | CVC Words

Teach word blending and CVC words with these free phonics PPTs. The phonics PowerPoints on this page are for teaching phonics CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words. Below you’ll find 27 phonics PPTs for CVC words with the short vowel sounds, a, e, i, o, and u. Each phonics PowerPoint presents different CVC word families. These are great for beginner-level kids who are learning phonics and the alphabet. All these can be downloaded and used in your phonics lessons for free. They are also editable so you can easily add your own extra phonics words and pictures.

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Phonics PPT – CVC Words

Short A CVC Words

Phonics PowerPoint - CVC A

These CVC Phonics PowerPoint presentations are separated into different word families. Click on the word family below to download the PPT.

Short E CVC Words

Phonics PPT - CVC E

Short I CVC Words

Phonics PPT - CVC I

Short O CVC Words

Phonics PPT - CVC O

Short U CVC Words

Phonics PowerPoint CVC U

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