Best Rolling Carts For Teachers In 2021

Best Rolling Carts For Teachers

A big challenge that many teachers face is organizing and transporting heavy books and supplies and moving them from home to school, and between classrooms. A fantastic solution to this is to use a mobile classroom rolling cart. Rolling carts for teachers are great for keeping your classroom organized and storing classroom supplies. 

There are many different kinds of rolling carts for teachers. Some consist of several shelves and draws to help store, organize and move supplies around the classroom. Others, are more like bags or totes on wheels which can help to transport your supplies from home to your car, and from your car to the classroom. 

Finding the perfect rolling cart for teachers can be challenging so we put together this list of the best rolling carts and bags on wheels to organize and transport everything you need for teaching your lessons. 

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Best Bags For Teachers

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10 Best Rolling Carts and Bags On Wheels For Teachers

1. 15 Drawer Organizer Cart By Seville Classics

If you’re looking for a rolling cart to organize and store your classroom supplies, and move them around the classroom, this one is a fantastic choice. 

Why We Like It

With 6 deep draws and 9 shallow draw, this rolling cart is great for storing arts and craft supplies, books, worksheets, tools, and more. The draws are all easy to remove and put back making it possible to move individual draws around the classroom and to put them back at the end of the lesson. 

The four casters make it easy to move around the classroom and the two locking wheels help to keep the cart safely in one place. 

2. Rolling Storage Tote From Everything Mary

If you are a teacher who moves between classrooms or in multiple schools, this portable bag will help you carry everything you need. 

Why We Like It

The many storage compartments, telescopic handle, and dual wheels make this bag on wheels incredibly versatile and portable. There is one large storage compartment, 3 zip pockets on the outside, and 4 zip pockets on the inside. We also like the two stabilizing pegs on the bottom which allows the bag to stand on its own without falling over.  

3. Heavy Duty Rolling Utility Cart From ECR4Kids

This heavy duty rolling cart for teachers is perfect for storing and moving heavy supplies around the classroom. 

Why We Like It

The four tier open shelves on this rolling cart make for many storage possibilities. It is built to last as it is made from durable steel. The locking wheels also help to make this a safe option for the classroom.

4. Folding Collapsible Heavy Duty Rolling Cart From Felicon

If you’re looking for a collapsible rolling cart to transport your teaching supplies, then this cart is a great choice. 

Why We Like It

This folding rolling cart for teachers is made from durable heavy duty plastic and is capable of transporting 110lbs of materials. The 360 degree noiseless wheels make it easy to move things around both inside and outside the classroom. We also love that this can be folded flat and easily stored away when not in use. And, if you’re not a fan of red, it comes in 4 different colors, too.

5. Universal Rolling Cart and Organizer Set From ECR4Kids

This mobile moving cart fits perfectly in the trunk of your car and is great for moving supplies to and from school and around the classroom. 

Why We Like It?

This rolling cart is similar to the previous one in that it can fold flat and has a telescopic handle for easy use. What we really like about this one is the outer saddle bag cover which has compartments and pockets for everything. There are over 30 compartments and pockets which are great to store your diary, pens, pencils, art supplies, and more. 

6. 3 Tier Metal Rolling Utility Cart From Designa

This rolling cart is a great space saver and great for storing everything you need in the classroom.

Why We Like It

We love the elegant, compact and creative design. The three main storage trays hold up to 20lbs per shelf and a great for books, paints, arts and crafts supplies, and more. The side baskets are great for storing items students would use regularly like pens, color pencils, scissors, and glue. We particularly like the round magnet boxes that you can attach to the front and store small supplies like pins and paperclips.


7. Rolling Storage Cart and Organizer By Honey-Can-Do

This classroom cart is ideal for storing classroom materials and arts and crafts supplies. 

Why We Like It

The cart comes with 4 deep draws and 8 shallow draws so it is perfect for storing large and small classroom supplies. We also really like the semi-transparent draws as this helps teachers and students to see what is inside without having to open every draw. Also comes with flat top which can be used as a worktop and locking wheels to provide stability.

8. 10 Drawer Multicolored Organizer Cart From Seville Classics

This colorful organizing cart is perfect to save space in your classroom.

Why We Like It

Not only does this cart look great, the slim design means it will not take up much space in the classroom. The cart comes with 10 easy to remove draws and a removable white top tray. This cart also features locking wheels to keep it safely in place.

9. Rolling Activity Cart From Honey-Can-Do

This multi-purpose rolling cart is great for young learner classrooms. 

Why We Like It

The colorful bins on this cart help kids to remember where items go. The three large baskets at the bottom are great for storing larger items like toys. We also really like the side pockets which are great for storing flashcards, alphabet blocks, and more.

10. Tote-All Rolling Cart From Educational Insights

This rolling cart for teachers is perfect for moving heavy books and supplies between your car and the classroom. 

Why We Like It

The sturdy plastic material is lightweight and durable. The smooth-running tires also make this cart easy and comfortable to pull around. We also like that it folds flat for easy storage.

Thanks for reading. We hope you found this list of the best rolling carts for teachers useful. If you are looking for teacher bags that you can carry, check out our other post about The Best Bags For Teachers.