10 Social Distancing Halloween Games [Updated For 2021]

Social Distancing Halloween Games

Halloween is likely to be very different this year. With social distancing in place in many schools around the world, many of the games and activities that kids and teachers love doing at Halloween are simply not possible this year.

As such, it can be quite difficult as a teacher or parent to come up with fun Halloween games to do while safely social distancing. To help you out, here’s a list of fun social distancing Halloween games and activities that kids can safely do while keeping their distance from others.

*Please note, that this post is just meant to give you some ideas for Halloween games and activities, and you should, of course, check your school’s/education body’s individual policy on social distancing to make sure these Halloween activities adhere to those policies.

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Halloween Games While Social Distancing

1. Halloween PowerPoint Game

Halloween Game

This first activity is a fun Halloween PowerPoint game. In this game, a Witch and a Ghost will have a race to the Halloween candy. To play this game, make 2 teams. One team is the ‘Witch’ and one team is the ‘Ghost’. Then, the kids will take turns choosing a letter and answering a Halloween question. Next, you will click on the ‘home’ icon to return to the race.

There, simply click on the Witch or Ghost to make it move. Then it is the other team’s turn. The first to arrive at the Halloween candy is the winner.

PowerPoint games like this are perfect activities for social distancing because the kids do not have to share resources or interact with each other. They can stay in their seats and raise their hand to answer the questions.

2. Halloween Guessing Game

This next Halloween game can be easily played while social distancing. This game is a Halloween guessing game in which students should try to guess the Halloween word.

To play, simply show the video. There are 10 pictures of Halloween things hidden behind some colored shapes. As the shapes disappear, students should try to guess the Halloween word before the picture is revealed.

Ask the kids to raise their hand when they are ready to guess and pause the video. To make it even more fun, you could reward the kids with some candy when they guess correctly.

3. Draw A Monster Game

This next game is a great game to play at Halloween while social distancing. In this game, the kids will draw a monster.

To play, give each student/child a piece of paper and something to draw with and then play the video. In the video, the students will read a description of a monster. After reading the description, they should try to draw what they think the monster looks like based on that description.

Pause the video when you see the pause sign to give the kids time to draw their monster. Once students have finished their drawing, play the video to see what the monster looks like.

Kids really love this kind of activity, especially when their monster drawings look very similar to the monster in the video. To make it extra fun for kids, why not reward them with some delicious Halloween candy for their great monster drawings.

This activity can be easily done at Halloween while social distancing as the kids can stay in their seats while they draw their monster, and do not need to be close to or share resources with others.

4. Scary Eye And Spoon Race

This next Halloween game can be played while social distancing outside or during recess. This game is essentially an egg and spoon race, but instead of eggs, students will use scary eyes. This Halloween Eyeball Spoon Race set on Amazon includes 24 spoons and 24 eyeballs.

To play, give each student/child their own spoon and scary eyeball and space them at least 6 feet apart at the start line. Then, they should race to the finish line without dropping their scary eyeball.

This Halloween activity can be played while social distancing. However, a potential problem is when one of the kids drops their scary eyeball and runs to pick it up. As they do, they may come into contact with other kids.

A great alternative way to play this game to be extra safe is to have the kids take turns running the race and time them. That way, they wont come into contact with each other if they drop their scary eyeball.

5. Halloween Quiz

Easy Halloween Quiz

This next activity is a fun and easy Halloween quiz. There are 10 Halloween trivia questions and each question gives you two possible answers. To play in class, simply show the video and pause the video when students are ready to guess. You can ask students to write down their answers or ask them to raise their hands or shout out their answers. You can also play this quiz as an interactive online Halloween Quiz here.

6. Halloween Line Bingo

Halloween Bingo

This next social distancing Halloween game is a Halloween-themed bingo game. Unlike regular bingo, this game is a ‘line bingo’ game. To play, print out this Halloween line bingo worksheet and then cut a long the dotted lines so you are left with a strip of 8 Halloween pictures. As you can see in the picture above, each strip of pictures is in a different order.

Give one line of pictures to each student/child. Next, call out one of the Halloween words, for example ‘ghost’. Then, the students should check their line bingo strip. If the ghost picture is on either end of the line of pictures (left or right end of the line), then the students can fold back / tear off that picture so they are left with only 7 Halloween pictures.

Then, call out another Halloween word and again students should check if that word is at the end of their bingo line, and if it is, they should fold it back. The first student to fold back all their Halloween pictures is the winner. For more free Halloween worksheets like this, check out our Halloween worksheets page.

7. Witch’s Hat Ring Toss Game

Another great game to play at Halloween while social distancing is the ‘Witches Hat Ring Toss Game’. This inflatable witch’s hat and ring set is perfect for this game.

This game is best played outside or in a large space where students can safely stay 6 feet apart. To play, place the inflatable Witch’s hats at different distances from the students. Assign each hat a different point depending on how difficult it is to reach.

Then, give each student their own rings (so they are not sharing) and have them take turns trying to throw the rings over the witch’s hats. Then add up the points at the end to see who is the winner. To make this Halloween game even more fun, you could even give students one candy for every point they score.

8. Halloween Costume Fashion Show

Halloween Games

This social distancing Halloween activity idea is a great way to let kids strut their stuff and show off their fun and scary Halloween costumes. Set up an area to be your ‘Halloween catwalk’ and then invite students one by one to walk down the catwalk and show off their great Halloween costumes. To make it feel even more like a fashion show, you can snap some pictures of them in their costumes and share them with the students’ parents after the party.

9. Halloween Word Search

Halloween Word search

If you are teaching young kids or students who are learning English, a great way to get them familiar with some Halloween vocabulary is to complete a word search. This Halloween activity also has the added benefit of being perfectly safe to do while keeping a safe distance from others.

Click to download this Halloween word search or see all our Halloween worksheets.

10. Halloween Charades Game

With a little preparation, this classic party game can be turned into a safe social distancing Halloween game. If you’re not familiar with charades, in this game one person would choose a card and then try to act out what is on the card without using any words or sounds.

To make it into a Halloween game, simply make cards with Halloween-related things on them. For example, you could write Halloween words (ghost, witch, broomstick, etc), Halloween songs (The Monster Mash, etc), or Halloween Movies (Night of The Living Dead, etc).

To save time, you could even purchase this Halloween Charades Party Set which has all the cards pre-made. And to make sure this Halloween game can be played while safely social distancing, before starting the game divide the cards up into different piles so there’s no need to share the cards. And ensure the person acting out the word and the people guessing the word are all at a safe distance.

Thanks for reading. I hope you found some useful ideas for social distancing Halloween games. Before you go, check out our other posts about social distancing classroom games, and social distancing recess games.

Happy teaching!