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Adverbs Examples

On this page, you can find many adverb examples and adverb example sentences. Adverbs modify other words, such as verbs and adjectives, and can even modify other adverbs. The way in which an adverb modifies another word depends on the type of adverb it is.

There are five types of adverbs that English language students should learn. These are:

  • Adverbs of Time – These describe when something happens.
  • Adverbs of Place – These describe where something happens.
  • Adverbs of Manner – These describe how something happens.
  • Adverbs of Frequency – These describe how often something happens.
  • Adverbs of Degree – These describe to what extent something happens.

Adverbs can be difficult for English language students to learn because of the different types and functions that adverbs have. However, by looking at many adverb examples, English language learners can greatly improve their English language ability. They will be able to describe more accurately how, when, and where an action happened and will be able to describe to what extent, and how often they happen.

Check out these lists of adverb examples below including adverbs of time examples, adverbs of place examples, adverbs of manner examples, adverbs of frequency examples, and adverbs of degree examples. Each of these lists can also be download as a printable PDF.

Adverb Examples

The below list of adverbs and adverb example sentences is divided into the five types of adverbs. These are adverbs of time, place, manner, frequency, and degree.

Adverbs Of Time Examples

Adverbs of time are adverbs that tell us about when something happened or will happen. Here is a list of common adverbs of time with example sentences.

  • now I am eating now.
  • thenI’ll see you then.
  • today He went to work today.
  • tomorrowMy parents will arrive tomorrow.
  • yesterdayChris fell over yesterday.
  • soonThe train will depart soon.
  • laterI’ll do my homework later.
  • alreadyI already did my homework.
  • last monthI started working here last month.
  • last yearKelly and I first met last year.
  • yetI haven’t done my homework yet.
  • beforeI have watched this movie before.
  • agoShe left for work an hour ago.
  • latelyI’ve been feeling tired lately.


Download this adverbs of time list as a PDF.

Adverbs Of Place Examples

Adverbs of place are adverbs that tell us about where something happened or will happen. Here is a list of common adverbs of place with example sentences.

  • hereCome here.
  • therePut the sofa there, please.
  • aroundThe dog is rolling around on the floor.
  • behindIf you miss a class you will fall behind.
  • inI tripped and fell in the swimming pool.
  • on I got on the bus at midnight.
  • offLet’s get off the bus at the next stop.
  • overI almost tripped over on the way here.
  • somewhereLet’s go somewhere warm for vacation.
  • nowhereWe went nowhere for vacation last year.
  • everywhereI looked everywhere but couldn’t find my wallet.
  • anywhere I’m not going anywhere for vacation this year.
  • upwardsHe looked upwards at the stars.
  • downwardsThe path sloped downwards towards the stream.
  • backwardsDon’t walk backwards. You might fall.
  • sidewaysThe car skidded sideways on the ice.
  • indoorsLet’s go indoors before it rains.
  • outdoorsThe children played outdoors all day.
Adverbs Of Place Examples

Download this adverbs of place list as a PDF.

Adverbs Of Manner Examples

Adverbs of manner are adverbs that tell us about how / in what manner something happened or will happen. Most adverbs of manner end in -ly. Here is a list of common adverbs of manner with example sentences.

  • quicklyHe ran quickly.
  • slowlyThe English teacher spoke slowly so that I could understand.
  • angrilyShe reacted angrily when she found out.
  • calmly Please move calmly towards the exit.
  • carefullyKelly drives carefully.
  • correctlyThe students answered all questions correctly.
  • loudlyThe audience laughed loudly.
  • quietlyPlease speak quietly when you are in the library.
  • politelyThe boy asked politely for some more candy.
  • seriouslyI was seriously hurt in a car crash.
  • silentlyThe students sat there silently waiting for class to start.
  • successfullyChris successfully completed the London marathon.
  • unexpectedlyMy flight was unexpectedly delayed.
  • wiselyPlease choose your essay topic wisely.
  • suspiciously – He was carrying a suspiciously large amount of money.
  • smoothlyEverything went smoothly at the interview today.
  • safely Please drive home safely.
  • repeatedlyI asked him repeatedly, but he didn’t answer.
Adverbs Of Manner Examples

Download this adverbs of manner list as a PDF.

Adverbs Of Frequency Examples

Adverbs of frequency are adverbs that tell us how often or how frequently something happens. Here is a list of adverbs of frequency with example sentences.

  • alwaysI always go swimming on Mondays.
  • usuallyI usually wake up at 7 am.
  • oftenWe often eat lunch together.
  • frequentlyTrains run frequently between here and the airport.
  • sometimesI sometimes read a book before I go to bed.
  • occasionallyKelly occasionally skips lunch.
  • seldomChris seldom forgets to do his homework.
  • rarelyI rarely exercise these days.
  • hardly everI hardly ever drink coffee.
  • neverI never listen to pop music.
Adverbs Of Frequency Examples

Download this adverbs of frequency list as a PDF.

Adverbs Of Degree Examples

Adverbs of degree are adverbs which tell us about the extent of or the intensity of something.

  • tooThe soup was too salty.
  • veryThis coffee is very hot.
  • enoughYou are working hard enough.
  • justI was just leaving.
  • almostThe movie has almost finished.
  • nearly I have nearly finished my homework.
  • quiteThis book is quite interesting.
  • hardlyYou’ve hardly touched your dinner.
  • completelyI completely forgot to buy milk.
  • extremelyIt’s extremely difficult to find a job these days.

Adverbs Of Degree Examples

Download this adverbs of degree list as a PDF.

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