Free ESL PowerPoint Lessons

Download FREE ESL PowerPoint lessons and use them in class today. These PowerPoint lessons are great to use in lessons teaching English to English language learners. You’ll find vocabulary PowerPoints, grammar PowerPoints, seasonal grammar points, phonics PowerPoints, and more presentations covering the topics that ESL students typically study.

ESL PowerPoint Lessons

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Animals PPT

Animals PPT

This PowerPoint lesson is great for teaching the names of animals in English to kids and beginner English language learners.
View PPT Animals PPT
Family PPT

Family PPT

This PowerPoint lesson is for teaching members of the family vocabulary in English. First, students will learn the names of the members of the family, and then they will play a fun guessing game to review.
View PPT Family PPT
Clothes PPT

Free Clothes PPT

This PPT is a clothes PowerPoint lesson to teach clothes vocabulary in English and related expressions such as “What is he wearing?”, “What is she wearing?”, etc. Students will first learn the names of 16 different items of clothing.
View PPT Free Clothes PPT
Toys PPT

Toys PowerPoint

This PowerPoint lesson is great for teaching toys in English to kids. Each slide shows students a picture of a toy and the toy name in English. Then, students will play a fun vocabulary game to guess the toys.
View PPT Toys PowerPoint
Vegetables In English PPT

Vegetables PPT

This vegetables PPT includes the vegetable names in English with pictures. This is great for introducing vegetables vocabulary to kids and beginner English language learners.
View PPT Vegetables PPT
Fruits PPT

Fruits PPT

This fruits PPT includes the names of 20 different fruits in English with pictures. This PowerPoint is ideal for teaching kids and beginner English language learners about fruit vocabulary.
View PPT Fruits PPT
Second Conditional PowerPoint

Second Conditional PPT

A PowerPoints lesson about the second conditional. Includes an explanation as to what 2nd conditional sentences are, how to form second conditional sentences, example sentences, and some second conditional questions.
View PPT Second Conditional PPT
Superlatives PowerPoint Lesson

Superlatives PPT

This PowerPoint lesson is for teaching superlative adjectives in English. It Includes slides to teach students how to form superlative adjectives, both regular and irregular, and includes some superlative adjective examples.
View PPT Superlatives PPT
ESL Weather PowerPoint

Weather PPT

This weather PowerPoint is for lessons teaching weather vocabulary and expressions such as ‘How’s the weather?’, ‘What’s the weather like?’, etc. Included in this weather PPT are weather vocabulary and sentences, plus a fun weather guessing game at the end to review.
View PPT Weather PPT
Hobbies ESL PowerPoint

Hobbies PPT

This Hobbies PowerPoint presentation is great for introducing vocabulary to do with hobbies in English to kids and beginner ESL students.
View PPT Hobbies PPT

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