English Grammar Exercises

English Exercises

Below you can find a collection of free English grammar exercises for English language learners. There are both online English grammar exercises and PDF English grammar exercises that you can download and printable.

English Grammar Exercises

Online English Grammar Exercises

All our online English grammar exercises are interactive grammar exercises with answers that you can complete online. These include multiple choice grammar quizzes, fill in the blank grammar exercises, ‘drag and drop’ exercises, and more.

Click on the links below to complete the grammar exercises for that grammar point.

A / An / Some / Any Exercises:

There Is There Are Exercises:

Present Simple Tense Exercises:

Present Continuous Exercises:

Present Perfect Exercises:

Present Perfect Continuous Exercises:

Past Simple Exercises:

Past Continuous Exercises:

Future Simple Exercises:

Comparative And Superlative Exercises:

Prepositions Of Time Exercises:

Conditional Sentences Exercises:

Interjections Exercises:

Parts Of Speech Exercises:

More Exercises:

Printable English Grammar Exercises

These English grammar exercises are all downloadable PDF grammar worksheets. Simply download and print these worksheets to use them in your next English grammar class. 

Click on the titles below to download a PDF grammar exercise worksheet for that grammar point.  

A / An / Some / Any Exercise Worksheets:

There Is There Are Exercise Worksheets:

Present Simple Exercise Worksheets:

Present Continuous Exercise Worksheets:

Present Perfect Exercise Worksheets:

Present Perfect Continuous Exercise Worksheets:

Past Simple Exercise Worksheets:

Past Continuous Exercise Worksheets:

Future Simple Exercise Worksheets:

Comparative And Superlative Exercises Worksheets:

Prepositions Of Time Exercises Worksheets:

Conditional Sentences Exercises Worksheets:

Interjections Exercise Worksheets:

Parts Of Speech Exercise Worksheets:

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