Interactive Online English Grammar Exercises

English grammar is tough to master, especially for English language learners! The best way to improve English grammar skills is through practice, practice, and more practice! Below you’ll find a collection of interactive online English grammar exercises for English language learners. As always, these are free! If you would prefer to print these exercises, then head on over to our English Grammar Worksheets page. Choose a topic below to get started!

Online English Grammar Exercises

A / An / Some / Any Exercises:

There Is There Are Exercises:

Present Simple Tense Exercises:

Present Continuous Exercises:

Present Perfect Exercises:

Present Perfect Continuous Exercises:

Past Simple Exercises:

Past Continuous Exercises:

Future Simple Exercises:

Comparative And Superlative Exercises:

Prepositions Of Time Exercises:

Conditional Sentences Exercises:

Interjections Exercises:

Parts Of Speech Exercises:

More Exercises: