English Vocabulary Exercises

25 Fun English Vocabulary Exercises

A great way to practice English vocabulary is to use English vocabulary exercises. Below, you’ll find 25 free and fun online interactive English vocabulary exercises. These can be used in class by ESL teachers, or independently by ESL students. The vocabulary exercises below all focus on the topics that beginner English language learners typically study. Choose a topic below to see the vocabulary exercises for that topic.

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English Vocabulary Exercises

1. Animals

2. Appearance Adjectives

3. Action Verbs

4. Bathroom Vocabulary

5. Bedroom Vocabulary

6. Classroom Objects Vocabulary

7. Clothes Vocabulary

8. Colors

9. Countries

10. Family Members

11. Feelings And Emotions

12. Food Vocabulary

13. Hobbies

14. Jobs And Occupations

15. Kitchen Vocabulary

16. Living Room Vocabulary

17. Parts Of The Body

18. Parts Of The House

19. Places In Town

20. Prepositions Of Place

21. Rooms Of The House

22. School Subjects

23. Shapes

24. Sickness And Health Vocabulary

25. Weather Vocabulary