Christmas Words Guessing Game


This fun Christmas guessing game is a great ESL game to teach vocabulary to do with Christmas. Students will see an outline of a Christmas object. They must then try to guess what it is. This can be used with expressions such as ‘What is it?’ – It’s a (reindeer)’, ‘What do you think it is?’ – ‘I think it is a (snowman).’, ‘Is it a (stocking)?’ – ‘Yes, it is.’, etc. Check out the video below and please SHARE using the social media icons at the bottom if you find this ESL activity useful.

Christmas Words Guessing Game


There are 10 questions. For each question, students will see an outline of something to do with Christmas. Students must try to guess what it is before the time runs out. The Christmas vocabulary includes Christmas tree, snowman, present, reindeer, sleigh, candy cane, stockings, star, gingerbread man, and Santa. When students guess, encourage them to answer using full sentences. For example, ‘Is it a sleigh?’ / ‘Is it Santa?’, etc.

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