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These fun Easter games for kids are great to practice Easter vocabulary in English. Below, you will find two online Easter games for kids. In this first game, students must count the Easter things before the time runs out. In the second game, students must guess the Easter word before the image is revealed. See below for more details on how to play. These online Easter games are absolutely free to play from this page or from our YouTube Channel

Easter Game 1: How Many Bunny Rabbits

To play this game, simply show the video in class. Students will be asked to count the Easter thing before the time runs out. Each time there are 3 ‘levels’. In level 1 students have 3 seconds to count the Easter objects. Level 2 is 2 seconds, and Level 3 is 1 second. This Easter game includes Easter vocabulary such as ‘Bunny Rabbit’, Easter Egg, and ‘Chick’. Also includes the expression ‘How many..?’ and numbers 1 to 10.

Easter Game 2: Guess The Easter Word

To play this game, simply show the video. Students will see pictures of Easter things hidden behind some colored shapes. As the shapes disappear, students must try to guess the Easter word before the image is revealed. This activity is great for introducing or reviewing Easter vocabulary with kids and beginner English language learners.

Easter Game 3: Easter Quiz

This last online Easter game is a fun Easter quiz. There are 10 True or False questions about Easter. Click here to view this Easter quiz.

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