10 Funny Student Awards For Teachers To Give Out (Certificates Included)

Funny Student Awards

As a teacher, you want to find ways to reward your students for their hard work and achievements. But when teaching teenagers, the usual awards and certificates often are just not enough. If you’re looking for something a little more fun and unique, why not give out some of these funny student awards? Each of the awards below includes a PDF certificate so you can easily print out and give to students.

Funny Student Awards

1. The “I’m So Smart I Don’t Need To Study” Award

Funny Student Award

This award goes to the student who apparently never studies but always gets good grades on tests and assignments.

2. The “Most likely to Break Something” Award

Student Award Certificate

There’s always one student in class who seems to drop something, fall off their chair, or trip over something in class. Do you have a klutz in your class? This award is for them!

3. The “Most likely to Get Lost” Award

Student Award Certificate

Is there a student in your class who always seems to get lost, even if they’re just going to the bathroom? This award is for them!

4. The “Biggest Drama Queen” Award

Student Award Certificate

We all know that one student who loves nothing more than causing drama in class. This award is for them!

5. The “Class Clown” Award

Student Award - Class Clown

This is a classic student award! Every class has that one student who just can’t help but crack jokes, no matter how inappropriate they may be. This award is for them!

6. The “Most likely to Succeed” Award

Student Certificate - Most Likely To Succeed

For the student who always tries their best and never gives up, even when the going gets tough.

7. The “Teacher’s Pet” Award

Student Certificate - Teachers Pet

As teachers, we’re not really supposed to choose favorites, but we all do! This award is for them! (Just don’t let the other students see it).

8. The “I Tried” Award

Funny Student Award Certificate

Do you have a student who tries their very hardest with every task, even if they don’t always make the grade? This award is for them!

9. The “Best Dressed” Award

Student Award

For the student who always looks their best, no matter what the occasion may be.

10. The “Most likely to be a Trillionaire” Award

Student Award

This award goes to the student who is always thinking about money and how to make more of it. No matter what their future holds, they’re sure to be a success!

I hope these funny student awards have given you some inspiration on how to reward your students in a way that is both fun and memorable! Before you go, here are some related resources you may find useful:

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