Earth Day Quiz

Earth Day Quiz (Plus Free PDF Quiz)

A great way to introduce students to Earth Day or to review an Earth Day lesson is with a fun quiz. Below you’ll find an interactive Earth Day quiz with 10 questions and answers. If you would rather download and print the quiz, you can download the pdf here. Ready to get started? Take The Quiz Below!

Earth Day Quiz

Earth Day Quiz

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What year was Earth Day first celebrated?

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Who founded the modern Earth Day movement?

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How often is Earth Day held?

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How many countries participate in Earth day events each year?

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In what month is Earth Day celebrated each year?

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What types of activities are typically done on Earth Day?

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How can you reduce your carbon footprint?

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What date is Earth Day each year?

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What is the main focus of Earth Day?

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What colors represent Earth Day?

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Earth Day Quiz PDF

Earth Day Quiz PDF