5 Super Fun Games To Teach About Winter

Winter Games

As the weather becomes colder and the days get shorter, many of us begin to feel the winter blues. But teaching about winter doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom! Here are five super fun games to teach about winter you can use to make sure your students have a blast this winter season.

Winter Games

1. Winter Quiz

This first activity is a fun winter quiz! To play, first put students in small teams/pairs and give each group a piece of paper and a pencil. Have them choose a fun winter-themed team name and then write numbers 1 to 10 on the piece of paper. Now the game can begin.

To play, simply play the above video. There are ten rounds, and in each round, students are asked a winter-themed question that can have multiple possible answers. For example, “Name a winter sport.“. Each team must write down ONE answer, and if their answer is in the ‘Top Five’ answers, they score points. The team with the most points at the end is the winner!

2. Snowball Fight

In this next game, students will learn winter vocabulary while having a ‘snowball fight’. Don’t worry! Students will not be using actual snow! For this game, you’ll need lots of pieces of blank paper. On each piece of paper, write/print some winter words and then screw them up into a ball. Make sure you have one ‘snowball’ for each student. Once you have made your ‘snowballs’, it’s time for the fun part!

Give one snowball to each student and shout “Snowball Fight!”. At this point, students should throw their snowballs at each other. After throwing their snowball, they should pick up another and continue throwing them. After 20 seconds, tell students to stop and pick up the nearest snowball. Finally, students should open up the snowball to see the winter word inside. They should read the word out loud and then screw the piece of paper into a ball again. Once all students have read their word, have another snowball fight!

Students really love this game and get really excited. Sometimes too excited! And so, for safety, be sure to clear a space and remove all chairs/desks, bags, etc., so students can not trip over or hurt themselves while playing this winter game.

3. Winter Clothes Game

This next activity is great for teaching and reviewing winter clothes vocabulary with kids. First, students will listen and repeat the names of winter clothes in English. Next, students will play the guessing game.

There are ten rounds, and in each round, students will see a picture of an item of winter clothing hidden behind some colored shapes. As the shapes disappear, students must guess the word before the picture is fully revealed.

4. Winter Four Corners Game

What’s great about this game is it requires no-prep and can be played anytime you have extra time in your winter lesson. To play, first, elicit from students some words about the winter season and write them on the board. Next, choose four words and then name each of the four corners of the classroom a winter word. Now the game can begin.

Invite one student up to the front of the class to be the ‘snowman’ and ask him/her to close their eyes. Next, tell the other students that they have 5 seconds to move to one of the four corners. After 5 seconds, the ‘snowman’ chooses one of the four winter words and any student standing at the corresponding corner is out and must sit down at their desk.

Play again with the remaining students and continue like this until only one student is left. This student then becomes the next ‘snowman’ in the next game.

5. Winter Sports Vocabulary Game

This last activity is a fun hidden picture game to review the names of winter sports in English. There are ten pictures of winter sports hidden behind colored shapes. Students must guess the word before all the shapes disappear.

Thanks for reading! I hope your students have lots of fun playing these winter games. Before you go, be sure to check out these related resources you can use in your lessons about winter:

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