10 Awesome 100th Day Of School Games For Kids

100th Day Of School Games For Kids

The 100th day of school is a big milestone for kids! It’s a time to celebrate all that they have learned and accomplished so far. It’s also a time to review the reading, writing, and math skills students have learned and show them just how far they’ve come in the last 100 days. The 100th day of school games you will find below are fun and engaging and will ensure the kids will have an unforgettable time celebrating this special day.

Fun 100th Day Of School Games

1. Can You Score 100 Points On This ‘Top 5 Quiz’

This first activity is a fantastic game to play on the 100th day of school. It’s a ‘Top Five Quiz’ in which students will be asked a question with multiple possible answers and must choose ONE answer. If a student’s answer is in the ‘Top Five’ answers, they score points.

There are ten rounds, and in each round, students can score a maximum of 10 points, so there are 100 points to win! Wouldn’t it be awesome if a student scored 100 points on this quiz on the 100th day of school?

Students can play this game individually or in pairs/small groups. The above quiz has ten easy questions that young kids can guess. If you would like to make your own questions, you can use this Top Five Quiz PPT Template and add questions based on what you have taught your students over the last 100 days.

2. Let’s Dance To 100

100th Day Activity

A common activity on the 100th day of school is to count to 100, but this can be quite a boring task. Here’s a great game to make counting to 100 really fun and memorable for kids.

To begin, have all students stand up behind their desks. Next, tell students that they are going to count to 100 as a class, but there’s a twist. Students will take turns counting, and when it’s their turn, they can choose to say one number, two numbers, or a maximum of three numbers.

As they say each number, students should do a dance move like pointing to the sky, kicking their foot, spinning around, etc. The sillier the dance move, the better! The student who says the number 100 must do a forfeit, like a silly dance at the front of the class, dance with the teacher, ten jumping jacks, etc.

3. Color Code A 1-100 Number Chart

100th Day Chart

Next is a fun math activity you can do on the 100th day of school. Give each student a number chart with numbers 1 to 100 on it. If you’ve not got one, you can download a free One To Hundred Numbers Chart Here.

Next, have students color in the number chart according to the color code you decide. The code you choose depends on the level of your students, and what math rules you have taught over the last 100 days. For example, for low-level students, you can ask them to color all odd numbers yellow and even numbers red.

For higher-level students, you can come up with a more complicated system, like coloring all multiples of 2 in red, all multiples of 3 in green, etc. With more complicated color codes, there will be numbers with two or more colors in one box, so be sure to tell students that some numbers will have more than one color.

4. 100 Years From Now – Drawing Game

100th Day Activity

After showing students just how much they’ve accomplished in 100 days, why not ask them to imagine how much progress we can make in 100 years?

This drawing game is a great way to get kids to use their imaginations and think about what the world will be like in the future. Give students a piece of paper and ask them to draw an invention that they think will exist in 100 years. This could be anything, such as a robot that does your homework, a device that translates what your pet is saying, etc.

After students have completed their drawings, you can have them share with the class and display them on the wall in the classroom for all to see.

5. 100 Memories Door Poster

100th Day Door Poster Activity

Let kids share their favorite memories from 100 days of learning by making a 100 memories door poster. Depending on how many students are in your class, you may need to ask students to think of 3 or 4 memories from the last 100 days that they want to share.

For this activity, you’re going to need a large blank piece of paper and some different colored post-it notes. Give each student a few post-it notes and have them write or draw their favorite memories. After students have made their memory post-it notes, have them come to the front of the class to share their memories and then have them stick their post-its to the poster.

6. Build A Castle With 100 Cups

100 Days Of Schools Activity - Build A Structure

This next activity is a fantastic hands-on project that works great on the 100th day of school celebration day. For this activity, you’re going to need 100 cups and some glue.

The basic idea of this project is to get students to work together to construct a structure using 100 cups. There are several ways you can do this project, but here’s the way that’s worked best for us in the past.

First, write, or have students write, the numbers 1 to 100 on the cups. Next, collect the cups, mix them up, and make 3/4 stacks of cups in random order. Then, have students come to the front of the class one by one to choose a cup at random and place it on their desks. You may have to do this a few times until all the cups are gone.

Once all the cups have gone, students should have 3/4 cups on their desks with numbers on them. Now, the fun part: Building the castle!

Students will build the castle cup by cup in numerical order. Ask the student with the number 1 cup to come to the front of the class to place the first cup. Then, ask the student with the number 2 cup to come up and place the second cup. Continue like this until you’ve got a good base of around 15/20 cups, and then start on the next layer of the structure. From the second layer, it’s a good idea to start gluing the cups down so that the castle doesn’t collapse.

After 15 minutes or so you should have a unique castle structure built with 100 cups that students can be proud of!

8. 100 Steps To Success

00 Days of School Activity

This next activity needs no preparation and is a super fun way to get students active and warmed up for class. Tell students that they are going to take 100 steps around the classroom, but before they do, they must guess how many times they will circle the classroom in 100 steps.

Once students have made their predictions, have them line up behind you and start marching around the classroom, counting steps as you go. Alternatively, take them out to the playground and have them predict how far they will go in 100 steps. This is a great way to practice counting to 100 while having fun at the same time.

9. Design A 100 Days Of School T-Shirt

100 Days of School T-Shirt Worksheet

What better way to celebrate 100 days of school than to have kids make their own awesome 100 days of school t-shirt? For this activity, you’ll need some blank white t-shirts, some fabric markers, and this 100 days of school t-shirt worksheet.

To begin, give each student one of the t-shirt worksheets and give them 10-15 minutes to design their t-shirt. Once students have finalized their design, give them a blank t-shirt and some fabric markers to make the t-shirt.

Once students have finished their t-shirts, a great way to finish your day of celebrating 100 days of school is to have a school fashion show. Play music and have students walk down the ‘catwalk’ as they show off their awesome designs!

10. My 100 Days Of School – Writing Worksheet

100 Days of School Writing Worksheet

This writing activity is great for getting students to think about and share all the things they’ve enjoyed about school over the last 100 days, as well as the things they are looking forward to at school in the future.

For this activity, you’ll need to download and print this 100 days of school writing worksheet and give one to each student. Start with an example of what you, the teacher, have enjoyed over the last 100 days and what you are looking forward to. Then, give students 10/15 minutes to complete the worksheet. And finally, have students share their memories and aspirations with the class.

More Games And Resources

The 100th day of school is definitely a cause for celebration! I hope your students have lots of fun with these activities. Before you go, don’t forget to check out the huge library of free teaching resources we have here at Games4esl, including Activity Videos, PPT Games And Templates, Online Quizzes, Board Games, Worksheets, and Flashcards.