Classroom Attention Getter Examples

15 Fun Classroom Attention Getter Examples

Reduce the noise in your classroom and get students’ attention with these fun classroom attention-getters. Attention-getters are simple and fun call-and-response routines in which the teacher would call out something, and then all the students should respond. This helps to quite down the classroom and to get students’ attention in a fun way. It really works, and it is much more effective than yelling at students to be quiet. Below you’ll find 15 classroom attention-getter examples for you to use in your class.

Classroom Attention Getters

Here are our favorite call-and-response classroom attention-getters:

  1. Teacher’s Call: “Be..”
    Students’ Response: “Quiet!”
  2. Teacher’s Call: “Ready?”
    Students’ Response: “Action!”
  3. Teacher’s Call: “Eyes on me!”
    Students’ Response: “Eyes on you!”
  4. Teacher’s Call: “Ready To Rock?”
    Students’ Response: “Ready Roll!”
  5. Teacher’s Call: “Chicka Chicka”
    Students’ Response: “Wa Wa”
  6. Teacher’s Call: “Hocus pocus!”
    Students’ Response: “Time to focus!”
  7. Teacher’s Call: “www dot”
    Students’ Response: “quiet dot com”
  8. Teacher’s Call: “Scooby Doo!”
    Students’ Response: “Where are you?”
  9. Teacher’s Call: “Hands on top!”
    Students’ Response: “Time to stop!”
  10. Teacher’s Call: “Ready, steady..”
    Students’ Response: “Go!”
  11. Teacher’s Call: [clap clap clap] “All set?”
    Students’ Response: [clap clap clap] “You bet!”
  12. Teacher’s Call: “Ping Ping!”
    Students’ Response: “Pong Pong!”
  13. Teacher’s Call: “Ice cream sundae..”
    Students’ Response: “With a cherry on top!”
  14. Teacher’s Call: “Let’s Go Students!”
    Students’ Response: [clap clap clap clap clap]
  15. Teacher’s Call: “Do you wanna build a…”
    Students’ Response: “Snowman”
Classroom Attention Getters
Classroom Attention Getters

Download these call-and-response classroom attention-getters. You can also use this worksheet to get students to create their own call and response routine.

More Strategies To Get Students’ Attention

In addition to classroom call-and-response attention-getters, there are plenty of other strategies to get students’ attention. Here are some other great ideas you can use to get students to be quiet and focused in class.

Use A Wireless Doorbell In The Classroom

Using a wireless doorbell in class can be a great way to get students’ attention. Simply place the doorbell speaker in the classroom and keep the doorbell button on your desk. When it’s time for students to be quiet and focus, press the button to make the doorbell sound.

Switch The Lights On And Off

This is a great way to get students’ attention without straining your voice during a noisy class. Simply flick the light switch off and on a few times to signal that it’s time for students to focus on the teacher.

Play A Song

This next way to get students’ attention is so simple but really effective. Simply play a song just loud enough that students can just about hear it. The class will naturally start to talk quieter as they try to listen to the song. Gradually make the song quieter and quieter until the class is quiet enough that you can easily get their attention.

Set A Countdown Timer

Displaying a countdown timer on the screen can be really effective when you want students to focus and pay attention to the teacher. There are lots of timers on YouTube, many of which sound an alarm once the timer reaches zero.

Clap Out A Pattern

This way of getting students’ attention is really fun, and students love it! Clap out a pattern/rhythm and ask students to try and copy you. For example, if the teacher claps three times, the students should clap three times. You can gradually make the rhythm more and more difficult and praise the students when they do it well.

Thanks for reading. I hope you found some useful ideas to help you get students’ attention in class. Before you go, check out our free teaching resources, including Worksheets, PowerPoint Games, PowerPoint Lessons, and Quizzes.