Fruit and Vegetables Guessing Game

Fruit And Vegetables Game

This fun fruits and vegetables game is great for teaching the names of fruits and vegetables in English. Students will learn vocabulary to do with fruits and vegetables and plural nouns. Students will see an outline of some fruit or vegetables. Then, they must guess the fruit or vegetable before the time runs out. This is a fun way to teach plural nouns and the expressions ‘What are these?’ – ‘They are apples.’, ‘What are those?’ – ‘They are bananas.’, Do you like apples?’ – ‘Yes, I do.’ / ‘No, I dont.’, etc. This activity is absolutely free to use. Simply show the video in class or from YouTube.

Fruit And Vegetables Game

How To Play

There are 10 questions. For each question, students will see an outline of fruits or vegetables. Students must try to guess what they are before the time runs out. Each time, students must answer ‘What are these?’ – ‘They are (apples).’ The fruits and vegetable vocabulary includes: apples, bananas, carrots, mushrooms, strawberries, pumpkins, cherries, onions, grapes, and tomatoes. 

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