Rooms of the house ESL Game

Rooms Of The House Game

This rooms of the house game is a fun activity for teaching rooms of the house in English. In this ‘Telepathy Game’ students must read the teacher’s mind to find out the answer. This ESL activity is great for practicing expressions such as ‘Where is mom?’ – ‘She’s in the (living room).’, ‘Where’s dad?’ – ‘He’s in the (kitchen).’, etc. As always, this activity is free to use in your classes from this page or from YouTube.

Rooms Of The House Game

How To Play

There are 10 questions. Each question has 2 possible answers. Students must choose ONE and write it down. To find out the answer, students can use ‘Telepathy’ to read the teacher’s mind. This activity is a great way to review vocabulary and expressions to do with ‘Rooms of the House’. 

TIP: Students love pretending that they can ‘read minds’. To make it more fun, the teacher can act like he/she is sending the students the answer using the power of their minds using telepathy.

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