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200 Wh Question Examples With Answers

To be able to clearly communicate in English and hold a conversation, students must learn how to use “Wh Questions” and “Yes/No Questions”. Asking and answering yes/no questions in a conversation is quite easy as there are only two possible answers: yes and no. Wh questions, on the other hand, can be more tricky for English language learners to master as these are open questions with many possible responses.

In this post, we explain what Wh Questions are and provide you with lots of examples. All of the of the wh questions below also have example answers, and so, by the end of this post, you’ll have a clearer understanding of how to effectively use and respond to Wh questions in real-life situations.

What Are Wh Questions?

Wh Questions, also known as “open questions”, are question words that begin with “Wh” (except for “how”). There are seven Wh questions in English. These are who, what, when, where, why, which, and how.

Wh questions are used when we want to get information from someone. The particular question you use depends on the type of information you want. Let’s look at each of these 7 Wh Questions in more detail with examples.

Wh Question Examples: Who

Who - Example Questions

“Who” is used in questions to ask about people. Here are some examples of wh questions with “who” and some example answers.

Who QuestionsExample Answers
Who are you?I am a student.
Who is he?He is my brother.
Who is she?She is my teacher.
Who do you like?I like my friend Sarah.
Who is your best friend?My best friend is Ali.
Who is on the phone?It’s my mom.
Who did it?Chris did it.
Who did you meet?I met a new student.
Who made this cake?My dad made it.
Who do you think will win?I think Sarah will win.
Who wants some ice cream?I want some!
Who said that?My teacher said that.
Who is stronger?My dad is stronger.
Who is faster?Cheetahs are faster.
Who is the most beautiful?My mom is the most beautiful.
Who is the fastest?Kevin is the fastest.
Who do you think will win?I think John will win.
Who won the game?Our team won the game.
Who told you that?My friend told me that.
Who can answer this question?I can.
Who are your role models?My parents are my role models.
Who will be attending the meeting?All team members will attend the meeting.
Who wrote this book?Neil Armstrong was the first.
Who invented the pencil?Nicholas-Jacques Conte invented it.
Who discovered the law of gravity?Isaac Newton discovered it.
Who is your favorite author?My favorite author is Roald Dahl.
Who was the first person to land on the moon?Neil Armstrong was first.
Who invented the telephone?Alexander Graham Bell invented it.
Who was the president in 2023?The president was Joe Biden.
Who should I contact for more information?You should contact customer service.

Wh Question Examples: What

What - Example Questions

“What” is used in questions to ask about something. Here are some examples of wh questions with “what” and some example answers.

What QuestionsExample Answers
What is it?It’s a pen.
What‘s this?This is a book.
What‘s that?That is a cat.
What‘s your name?My name is John.
What‘s your last name?My last name is Smith.
What‘s his name?His name is David.
What‘s her name?Her name is Linda.
What day is it today?It’s Monday.
What‘s the weather like today?It’s sunny.
What‘s the date?Today is July 1st.
What are you doing?I am reading.
What is she doing?She is cooking.
What are they doing?They are playing.
What time is it?It’s 3 PM.
What do you want to eat?I want to eat pizza.
What would you like?I would like some water.
What do you want to be?I want to be a doctor.
What‘s your favorite food?My favorite food is spaghetti.
What do you do?I am a student.
What‘s your job?I am a teacher.
What does your father do?My father is an engineer.
What does she look like?She has long hair.
What do you have?I have a pencil.
What do you have in your bag?I have books in my bag.
What grade are you in?I am in 5th grade.
What did you do yesterday?I played soccer.
What time do you go to bed?I go to bed at 9 PM.
What is our homework today?Our homework is to read this book.
What are you good at?I am good at drawing.
What do you do for fun?I read for fun.
What do you do in your spare time?I listen to music.

Wh Question Examples: When

When - Example Questions

“When” is used in questions to ask about time. Here are some examples of wh questions with “when” and some example answers.

QuestionsExample Answers
When is your birthday?My birthday is on January 1st.
When is his birthday?His birthday is on February 2nd.
When were you born?I was born in 1999.
When is the field trip?The field trip is on Friday.
When is their anniversary?Their anniversary is in June.
When does the party start?The party starts at 6 PM.
When do you do your homework?I do my homework at 5 PM.
When is the soccer game on TV?The soccer game is on Saturday.
When are the banks open?Banks are open on weekdays.
When does the train arrive?The train arrives at 4 PM.
When does the class finish?Class finishes at 3 PM.
When are you free?I’m free on weekends.
When should we meet?We should meet at noon.
When will you finish work?I finish work at 6 PM.
When is dinner ready?Dinner is ready at 7 PM.
When do you get up?I get up at 7 AM.
When does the movie start?The movie starts at 9 PM.
When did the First World War start?The First World War started in 1914.
When is the next solar eclipse?The next solar eclipse is in August.
When did you last go on vacation?I went on vacation last December.
When is the deadline for this project?The deadline is next Monday.
When will the store restock?The store restocks every Tuesday.
When does daylight savings time begin?Daylight savings time begins in March.
When was the last time you saw her?I saw her last month.
When will the concert tickets go on sale?Concert tickets go on sale next week.
When is the next full moon?The next full moon is tonight.
When did you start learning English?I started learning English five years ago.
When will the next season of the show premiere?The next season premieres in the fall.
When are taxes due?Taxes are due in April.
When is the best time to plant roses?The best time to plant roses is in the spring.

Wh Question Examples: Where

Where - Example Questions

“Where” is used in questions to ask about place. Here are some examples of wh questions with “where” and some example answers.

QuestionsExample Answers
Where is my pencil case?It’s in your backpack.
Where is your book?Your book is on the table.
Where are my glasses?Your glasses are on your head.
Where is the post office?The post office is down the street.
Where are you from?I am from Canada.
Where is he from?He is from Brazil.
Where does she live?She lives in New York.
Where are Chris and Kelly from?Chris and Kelly are from Australia.
Where is Canada on the map?Canada is north of the USA on the map.
Where do you eat lunch?I eat lunch in the cafeteria.
Where do you want to eat lunch?I want to eat lunch at the pizza place.
Where do you work?I work in an office.
Where do you want to go?I want to go to the beach.
Where is your school?My school is near the park.
Where did you go last weekend?I went to the mountains last weekend.
Where did you buy that dress?I bought the dress at the mall.
Where were you yesterday?I was at home yesterday.
Where was the meeting?The meeting was in the conference room.
Where is the nearest hospital?The nearest hospital is 5 miles away.
Where can I find a good pizza place?You can find a good pizza place downtown.
Where did you leave the car keys?I left the car keys on the kitchen counter.
Where are we meeting for dinner?We are meeting for dinner at the Italian restaurant.
Where is the best place to see the sunset?The best place to see the sunset is by the lake.
Where did you study?I studied at the University of Toronto.
Where can I buy tickets for the concert?You can buy concert tickets online.
Where will the event be held?The event will be held in the city hall.
Where can I catch the bus to the city center?Catch the bus to the city center at the main station.
Where is the nearest ATM?The nearest ATM is next to the supermarket.
Where do you see yourself in five years?In five years, I see myself advancing in my career.
Where is the famous Eiffel Tower located?The famous Eiffel Tower is located in Paris, France.

Wh Question Examples: Why

Why - Example Questions

“Why” is used in questions to ask the reason for something. Here are some examples of wh questions with “why” with answers.

QuestionsExample Answers
Why are you so happy?Because I got good news.
Why are you laughing?Because the joke was funny.
Why are you crying?Because I’m sad.
Why were you late?Because there was traffic.
Why did you do that?Because I was curious.
Why was Chris not at work yesterday?Chris was sick yesterday.
Why do you think he did that?Maybe he made a mistake.
Why are you running?Because I’m exercising.
Why do we need to study English?To communicate globally.
Why does he always complain?He might be unhappy with things.
Why do people exercise?To stay healthy.
Why do people celebrate Christmas?To celebrate the birth of Jesus.
Why are cars so expensive?Due to manufacturing and materials cost.
Why do students have to wear school uniforms?To promote equality and discipline.
Why can’t you come to school tomorrow?I have a doctor’s appointment.
Why is the sky blue?Because of the way light scatters.
Why does it rain?It’s part of the water cycle.
Why are the seasons different around the world?Due to the tilt of the Earth’s axis.
Why did you choose this career?I am passionate about this field.
Why do we have to sleep?For rest and repair of our bodies.
Why is water essential for life?It is vital for all living things.
Why are some people allergic to certain foods?Due to their immune system reactions.
Why is recycling important?To save natural resources.
Why did the Titanic sink?It hit an iceberg.
Why is the Mona Lisa so famous?It is a masterpiece of art.
Why do dogs bark?To communicate or warn others.
Why are there so many languages?Due to historical and cultural evolution.
Why did you move to this city?For a new job opportunity.
Why are flamingos pink?From their diet of shrimp and algae.
Why are pandas endangered?Due to habitat loss and low birth rates.

Wh Question Examples: Which

Which - Example Questions

“Which” is used in questions to ask about choices. Here are some examples of wh questions with “which” with answers.

QuestionsExample Answers
Which do you prefer? The red one or the blue one?I prefer the blue one.
Which teacher do you like the most?I like Mr. Smith the most.
Which of my books would you like to borrow?I would like to borrow your science book.
Which one is it?It is the third one.
Which way is it to the library?The library is that way, to the left.
Which restaurant shall we go to?Let’s go to the Italian restaurant.
Which dress do you like?I like the green dress.
Which team do you think will win?I think the Wildcats will win.
Which mountain is the tallest in the world?Mount Everest is the tallest.
Which one is bigger?The elephant is bigger.
Which one is mine?The black one is mine.
Which one is yours?The red one is yours.
Which one tastes better?The chocolate one tastes better.
Which city is known as the ‘City of Lights’?Paris is known as the ‘City of Lights’.
Which planet is closest to the sun?Mercury is closest to the sun.
Which country has the largest population?China has the largest population.
Which book are you reading currently?I am currently reading ‘Harry Potter’.
Which is your favorite movie?My favorite movie is ‘The Lion King’.
Which song do you like the most?I like ‘Shape of You’ the most.
Which food do you dislike?I dislike broccoli.
Which language do you want to learn?I want to learn Spanish.
Which car brand do you prefer?I prefer Toyota.
Which type of music do you like?I like rock music.
Which season do you like the most?I love spring the most.
Which is your favorite subject in school?My favorite subject is mathematics.
Which historical figure do you admire the most?I admire Nelson Mandela the most.
Which artist’s work do you appreciate the most?I appreciate Van Gogh’s work the most.
Which vacation spot do you recommend?I recommend visiting Hawaii.
Which university did you attend?I attended Harvard University.
Which course are you planning to take next semester?I plan to take a psychology course next semester.

Wh Question Examples: How

How - Example Questions

“How” is used in questions to ask about various things, including way/manner, condition/quality, and extent/degree. Although “how” doesn’t start with “Wh,” how is still considered a Wh Question word. Here are some examples of wh questions with “how” with answers.

QuestionsExample Answers
How are you?I am good, thank you.
How old are you?I am 20 years old.
How many pencils are there?There are five pencils.
How was your vacation?My vacation was great!
How tall is he?He is 6 feet tall.
How big is the house?The house is very big.
How long is the river?The river is 500 miles long.
How far is the restaurant?The restaurant is 2 miles away.
How often do you exercise?I exercise three times a week.
How did you do that?I followed the instructions.
How do you cook spaghetti?Boil water, add pasta, and cook for 10 minutes.
How can I improve my English?Practice speaking and reading every day.
How much is it?It is $50.
How many times do you brush your teeth a day?I brush my teeth twice a day.
How is that possible?Through careful planning.
How do you make a cup of tea?Boil water, add tea leaves, wait, then pour.
How does a microwave work?It heats food using radiation.
How can I get to the nearest subway station?Walk two blocks down and turn right.
How is your family doing?My family is doing well.
How do you manage stress?I meditate and exercise.
How often do you watch movies?I watch movies every weekend.
How is climate change affecting our world?It’s leading to warmer temperatures.
How do I install this software?Follow the setup guide.
How many languages can you speak?I can speak two languages.
How do you pronounce this word?This word is pronounced like this…
How can we conserve water?Turn off taps and fix leaks.
How many pages are in this book?This book has 300 pages.
How did you meet your best friend?We met in school.
How much time does it take to drive to the airport?It takes 30 minutes to drive to the airport.
How does photosynthesis work?Plants convert sunlight into energy.

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