Online Christmas Games

Seven Super Fun Online Christmas Games | Free Christmas Games

If you’re teaching Christmas lessons online this year then we’ve got you covered! These super fun online Christmas games are great activities you can play with kids while teaching online. Coming up with ideas for fun Christmas games can be difficult for a teacher, even in the best of times. These Christmas games can all be played both in the classroom and while teaching online in virtual learning situations. All of these games are absolutely FREE to use in your lessons. Happy Christmas from Games4esl!

Online Christmas Games

1. Christmas Guessing Game

This first online Christmas game is a fun guessing game for kids. To play, simply play the video and share the screen in your online class. There are ten rounds, and in each round, students are shown an outline of a Christmas object. Students must try to guess the Christmas word before the time runs out. You can ask your students to simply shout out the answer, or you can pause the video while students write their answers down.

2. How Many Snowmen?

This next fun Christmas game can also be used in distance learning / virtual learning classrooms. To play, simply show the video to your students by sharing your screen. Students will see a Christmas scene and must count the Christmas objects before the scene disappears. First, students will get 3 seconds, then 2 seconds, and then 1 second to answer. Pause the video when you see the pause sign and ask students, “How many (snowmen?)“.

3. Online Christmas Quiz

This Christmas quiz is a great online Christmas activity. It’s a ‘What Am I?’ style quiz about Christmas words. There are ten questions and each question asks ‘What Am I?’ and gives students three clues. Students should read the sentences and then try to guess the Christmas word. This Christmas quiz is also available as a printable worksheet and can be found on our Christmas worksheets page.

4. What Do You Want For Christmas? – Telepathy Game

This fun online Christmas game is great for teaching Christmas vocabulary and expressions. For example, ‘What do you want for Christmas?’ – ‘I want a skateboard.’ This game is a ‘Telepathy Game’ in which students must use ‘telepathy’ to read the teacher’s mind to find out the answer. Although students can not really read minds, they love to pretend that they can while playing this game!

Students will see two letters to Santa and must choose ONE. If students guess correctly, they get a point. Pause the video when you see the pause sign and ask your students to write down their guesses. For example, “Dear Santa, I want a skateboard.”. Then, play the video to reveal the answer.

5. Christmas Stocking – Yes/No Game

This activity is a simple and fun Christmas game you can play while teaching online. All you need is a Christmas stocking and some small funny items to place in the stocking.

To play this game, place an object in the Christmas stocking, but don’t show your students. Next, instruct your students to ask you ‘Yes/No’ questions to help them guess what’s in the stocking. For example, “Is it food?”, “Is it a toy?”, “Is it red?”, etc. Give students a maximum of, say, 20 questions before they must guess what’s in the stocking.

To make this even more fun, why not invite your students to take turns and do the same. Have them place something in one of their Christmas stockings for the teacher and other students to guess.

6. Guess The Christmas Food

This online Christmas game is great for practicing Christmas food vocabulary. In this activity, students will see 10 pictures of Christmas food hidden behind some Christmas presents. As the presents disappear, students should try to guess the Christmas food. This game is a great activity to use as a warm-up activity for your online Christmas class.

7. Christmas Top Five Quiz

Finally, this Christmas game is a fun Christmas Top Five Quiz. Students will read a question that can have many possible answers (for example, ‘Name a Christmas Song’). Students must then write ONE answer and if their guess is one of the ‘Top Five’ answers, then they score points. Students absolutely love this kind of game, especially when they get the top answer.

Thanks for reading. I hope you found some fun online Christmas games and ideas for teaching Christmas via distance learning / virtual learning. Before you go, check out these related resources: Printable Christmas Worksheets, Winter Vocabulary Lists. MERRY CHRISTMAS!