Food Vocabulary Quiz

Test your knowledge of food vocabulary with this Food Vocabulary Quiz. There are 20 questions and each question will describe a type of food and you must guess what it is. Take The Quiz Below

Food Vocabulary Quiz

Food Vocabulary Quiz

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I am a yellow fruit and monkeys love me. What am I?

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I am green and often found in a salad. What am I?

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I am a popular breakfast food and often eaten with syrup. What am I?

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I am small, round, and purple, and used to make wine. What am I?

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I am a small, white grain used in sushi. What am I?

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I am a long, thin pasta used to make carbonara and bolognese. What am I?

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I am a round, red fruit often used in salads. What am I?

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I am a sweet, cold treat enjoyed in summer. What am I?

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I am a yellow citrus fruit with a sour taste. What am I?

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I am a long, thin, and green vegetable. What am I?

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I am a kind of fast food made from potatoes. What am I?

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I am a popular type of cheese with holes. What am I?

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I am a sweet, sticky liquid made by bees. What am I?

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I am a type of shellfish and often served with cocktail sauce. What am I?

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I am a popular topping on pizza. What am I?

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I am a small, round, red fruit often found in sweet pies. What am I?

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I am a popular orange vegetable eaten by rabbits. What am I?

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I am a type of grain and the main ingredient in bread. What am I?

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I am a dark beverage often drunk in the morning. What am I?

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I am a type of fish, pink in color, and often eaten smoked. What am I?

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