Future Perfect Continuous Tense Quiz

Test your knowledge of the Future Perfect Continuous Tense in English with this Future Perfect Continuous Tense Quiz. The Future Perfect Continuous Tense is used to describe actions that will have been happening over a period of time up to a certain point in the future. This tense emphasizes the duration of the action leading up to a future moment. To form the Future Perfect Continuous Tense, use ‘will have been’ followed by the present participle (verb-ing) form of the verb. For example, “I will have been studying,” “you will have been working,” “they will have been playing.” Take The Quiz Below!

Future Perfect Continuous Tense Quiz

Future Perfect Continuous Tense Quiz

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By next month, I __________ (to work) on this project for three years.

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They __________ (to live) in London for a decade by the end of 2030.

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By the time you see her, she __________ (to study) for her exam for weeks.

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We __________ (to travel) around Asia for six months by the time we return.

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He __________ (to teach) at the university for 20 years by next semester.

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They __________ (to build) their house for over a year by the time it's finished.

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I __________ (to learn) Spanish for two years by the time I move to Spain.

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She __________ (to work) on her novel for several months by the deadline.

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By tomorrow, we __________ (to drive) for ten hours straight.

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He __________ (to practice) the piano for three hours by the time his parents get home.

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They __________ (to wait) in line for four hours by the time the store opens.

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I __________ (to read) this book for a week by the time I finish it.

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We __________ (to renovate) our house for six months by the time it's done.

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She __________ (to run) her business for five years by this time next year.

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By the end of his term, the president __________ (to serve) for four years.

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They __________ (to watch) the TV show for three hours by the time it ends.

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I __________ (to try) to solve this puzzle for two hours by the time you get here.

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We __________ (to hike) in the mountains for several days by the time we reach the summit.

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By next week, she __________ (to prepare) for the event for a month.

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He __________ (to study) for his exams for weeks by the time they start.

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