Jobs And Occupations Quiz

Test your vocabulary knowledge of jobs and occupations in English with this Jobs And Occupations Quiz. There are 20 questions, and each question will describe a profession. You must then choose the correct job title. Take The Quiz below!

Jobs And Occupations Quiz

Jobs And Occupations Quiz

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I work in a hospital and help sick people. What am I?

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I teach students in a school. What am I?

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I cook food in a restaurant. What am I?

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I fly airplanes. What am I?

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I paint pictures and create art. What am I?

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I help put out fires. What am I?

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I grow food and work on a farm. What am I?

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I fix cars. What am I?

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I help people follow the law and keep them safe. What am I?

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I write articles or books. What am I?

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I take care of people's teeth. What am I?

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I work in a court and help decide legal cases. What am I?

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I serve food and drinks to people at tables. What am I?

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I cut and style people's hair. What am I?

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I design buildings. What am I?

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I play music for audiences. What am I?

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I take care of sick animals. What am I?

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I help customers find and buy products in a store. What am I?

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I make plans and drawings for machines or structures. What am I?

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I work in a library and help people find books. What am I?

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