Parts Of Speech Quiz

Fun Parts Of Speech Quiz (With Free PDF)

Try this parts of speech quiz and see how well you can name the different parts of speech in English. There are 10 questions and each question will show you a sentence with a particular part of speech underlined. You must then choose the correct part of speech from the answers provided.

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Parts Of Speech Quiz

Parts Of Speech Quiz

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I have an old car.

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He is really tall, isn't he?

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Your books are in your backpack.

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If you study quietly we can play a game at the end of class.

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After school, I usually study English from four to six o'clock.

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I really love going to school.

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Have we met before?

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Well, I don't think I did well on that exam.

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I called your phone but nobody answered.

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Let's get some lunch before class.

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