Past Perfect Continuous Tense Quiz

Test your knowledge of the Past Perfect Continuous in English with this Past Perfect Continuous Tense Quiz. The Past Perfect Continuous Tense is used to describe actions or situations that were ongoing in the past and continued up until another time in the past. It emphasizes the duration of the action before something else happened. To form the Past Perfect Continuous Tense, use ‘had been’ followed by the present participle (verb-ing) form of the verb. For example, “I had been reading,” “you had been working,” and “they had been playing.” Take The Quiz Below!

Past Perfect Continuous Tense Quiz

Past Perfect Continuous Tense Quiz

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Before the party started, I __________ (to decorate) the room for hours.

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They __________ (to wait) in the rain before the bus finally arrived.

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She __________ (to study) English for years before moving to the UK.

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He __________ (to work) at that company for a decade before he retired.

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We __________ (to plan) our trip for months before we finally left.

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The children __________ (to play) outside all day before it started raining.

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She __________ (to look) for her lost ring for hours before she found it.

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They __________ (to argue) about the issue for a long time before reaching a decision.

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I __________ (to try) to contact you all evening before you answered.

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He __________ (to learn) Spanish for several months before his trip to Spain.

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The team __________ (to practice) for weeks before their first match.

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She __________ (to write) her novel for two years before she finished it.

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We __________ (to live) in the old house for a decade before moving out.

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The artist __________ (to paint) the mural for over a month before it was unveiled.

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They __________ (to build) the bridge for several years before it was completed.

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He __________ (to dream) of becoming a chef long before he opened his restaurant.

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The scientist __________ (to research) the topic for many months before making a breakthrough.

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I __________ (to feel) unwell for several days before I went to the doctor.

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She __________ (to consider) all the options for weeks before making a decision.

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The garden __________ (to grow) wild for years before they started maintaining it.

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