5 Great Songs To Teach Comparative Adjectives

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Comparatives Songs

Songs are a fantastic way to learn English and keep students engaged. Finding a song that is suitable for the classroom, however, is quite difficult and time consuming.

That’s why we put together this list of songs to teach comparative adjectives. The list below contains both pop songs and ESL songs about comparatives that students love to sing.

Songs To Teach Comparative Adjectives

1: ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’ by Daft Punk

No list of songs about comparative adjectives would be complete without mentioning this fun song by Daft Punk.

This song is great to show students how to form regular and irregular comparative words.

It is a great song to show your students to introduce them to comparative adjectives, and can also be a great song for a class project.

In the song, the lyrics repeat over and over again, getting faster and faster. To make this into a fun class project, get students to create posters with the comparatives and other lyrics.

Then, while playing the song, students should hold up their poster at the right time. Here is a great example of this project from YouTube.

2: ‘Stronger’ By Kelly Clarkson

This pop song by Kelly Clarkson is quite catchy and includes several comparative adjectives.

This song features the comparatives stronger, taller, lighter, and warmer. It also includes words such as ‘fighter’ which may look like comparatives, and so its a great opportunity to review parts of speech with your students.

3: ‘An Elephant Is Bigger Than A Flea’

If you’re teaching comparatives to kids, then this is a great ESL song to use.

It includes the comparatives bigger, stronger, longer, and better. This is another great comparatives song which would be great for a school project.

4: ‘Fighter’ By Christine Aguilera

The pop song is great to teach comparatives to teenagers and older ESL students.

The chorus in this song contains many comparative adjectives, including stronger, harder, wiser, faster, thicker, and smarter.

5: ‘Never Say Never’ By Justin Beiber

The last song on our list is another pop song, this time by Justin Beiber.

The song is quite easy to sing, so it is a great song for kids and teenagers to sing along to while learning comparatives.

The comparative adjective in this song include, taller, bigger, stronger, longer, higher, and older.

This song also has one or two superlative adjectives.

Other Materials To Teach Comparatives

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