5 Super Fun Thanksgiving Games

Fun Thanksgiving Games

As the leaves begin to change color and the weather gets cooler, it can only mean one thing: Thanksgiving is just around the corner! This Thanksgiving, liven up your lessons with these five super fun Thanksgiving games! These games can be used with students of all ages, from elementary school to middle school and High school. As always, all the games below are FREE to use in your classes. So, why not give them a try in class this Thanksgiving? You might even have some fun yourself!

5 Fun Thanksgiving Games

1. Thanksgiving Quiz – What Am I?

This first Thanksgiving game is a fun quiz. To play, first put students in pairs or small groups. Each group will need a piece of paper and a pencil to write down their answers. This Thanksgiving quiz has ten rounds, and in each round, students are given three clues and then asked, “What Am I?“. They must read the clues and write down what they think the answer is. The team with the most points at the end is the winner.

A great way to make this game even more fun is to have each pair/team come up with their own Thanksgiving-themed team name. The sillier, the better! If your students enjoy this quiz, check out these 40 ‘What Am I?’ quiz questions and answers for more!

2. Four Corner Pilgrimage

Thanksgiving Classroom Game

This next game is a lot of fun and a great way to get your students up out of their seats at Thanksgiving. To play, first, tell students that they are all pilgrims on the way to the first Thanksgiving to get some turkey. Next, tell students that in order to get there, they must sail the Mayflower ship around the four corners of the classroom. Number the corners 1,2,3, and 4.

All students will start at the first corner. When the teacher says “Go!“, they must meet another student and greet them, “How do you do?“. Then, they will play rock, scissors, paper. The winner will advance to the next corner and the loser will stay at the first corner.

Next, all students will meet another student at their respective corners, greet them, and play rock, scissors, paper, again. Again, the winner will advance and the loser will stay put. Continue like this and once a student wins at corner 4, they get a ‘turkey’ (1 point) and then start again at corner 1. After 5 or 10 minutes, stop the game and the student with the most turkeys (points), wins!

3. Guess The Thanksgiving Food

As the name suggests, in this game, students must guess the Thanksgiving food! To play, simply show the video in class. There are ten rounds, and in each round, students will see a picture of a Thanksgiving food hidden behind colored shapes. As the shapes disappear, students must guess what food it is. This game is a super fun way to start your Thanksgiving class, but be careful! This game may make your students hungry!

4. Guess The Turkey

Thanksgiving Classroom Game

This next Thanksgiving game requires no prep so you can play anytime you have spare time in your class. To play, first, choose three students to be the three ‘turkeys’ and tell them to come to the front of the class. Next, all other students must close their eyes, put their heads on their desks, and hold one of their thumbs up in the air. Now the game can begin.

The ‘turkeys’ will walk around the class and choose one student each by touching them on the thumb. Once a student is chosen, they should lower their thumb and continue to keep their eyes closed. After making their choice, the turkeys should return to the front of the class and then the teacher will tell all students to open their eyes.

Now comes the fun part! The three students that were touched must stand up and guess which ‘turkey’ touched them on the thumb. If they guess correctly, they get to change places with the turkey. If they guess wrong, they sit down, and the current turkey gets to play again in the next round.

To make it even more fun, you can tell the ‘turkeys’ to make a turkey sound when they choose someone. Not only is this fun, it will also give students an extra clue as to who chose them. This game is super fun, and students will want to play again and again, even after Thanksgiving is over!

5. Thanksgiving Bingo Game

Thanksgiving Bingo Game

This final activity is a fun Thanksgiving bingo game. To play, download and print these Thanksgiving Bingo Worksheets and give one to each student. There are 9 different bingo worksheets, so if you have more than 9 students, some students will have the same bingo sheet. Alternatively, you can have students cut out the pictures and arrange them in a 3×3 grid to make their own unique bingo sheet.

After providing each student with a bingo card, begin calling out the Thanksgiving words. After calling out each word, students should check their sheet and cross out the picture if they have that word. Once a student has one or two lines of bingo, they can call ‘house’ by making a loud turkey sound (or by simply shouting bingo).

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Thanks for reading! I hope your students really enjoy playing these Thanksgiving games. Before you go, be sure to check out these related resources that you can use in your Thanksgiving lessons this year.

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