Ways To Say Hello In English

20 Different Ways To Say Hello In English

Greetings! We’re excited to show you 20 different ways you can say hello in English. Learning these alternative greetings in English will greatly enhance your English vocabulary and make you sound more natural.

To help you teach/learn the different ways to say hello in English we have also included some printable ‘ways to say hello’ dialogue cards and a printable classroom poster at the bottom of this page that you can download for free. First, let’s look at these synonyms for hello in English with some example sentences.

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Ways To Say Hello In English

Here is a list of different ways to say hello in English with example sentences.

GreetingExample Sentence
How’s it going?A: How’s it going, Chris?
B: I’m good thanks. How are you?
Hi there.Hi there. I’m Kelly. What’s your name?
What’s up?A: What’s up?
B: Hey, how’s it going?
Good morning.A: Good morning.
B: Morning.
Good afternoon.A: Good afternoon.
B: Oh. Is it afternoon already?
Good evening.A: Good evening.
B: Good evening.
Long time, no see. Kevin! Long time, no see. How have you been?
Look who it is!Well, look who it is! I’ve not seen you for a long time!
Nice to see you.Hey. Nice to see you. Are you well?
Howdy.Howdy folks. Welcome to the show.
Look what the cat dragged in!Well, look what the cat dragged in!
Good to see you.Hey Stuart! It’s good to see you!
What’s going on?A: Hey. What’s going on?
B: Nothing much. What’s going on with you?
What’s new?A: Hey Jane. What’s new?
B: Nothing much. Same old, same old.
Hey man. A: Hey man.
B: Hey.
Hey dude.A: Hey dude.
B: Hi.
What’s happening?A: Hey Sally. What’s happening?
B: Nothing much. What’s happening with you?
G’day.G’day. Where can I find the English books?
Pleasure to meet you.A: It’s a pleasure to meet you.
B: The pleasure is all mine.
What’s shakin’?A: Hey Andy. What’s shakin’?
B: I’m alright. How are you?

Different Ways To Say Hello | Dialogue Cards

Ways To Say Hello - Dialogue Cards

If you’re teaching or learning different ways to say hello in English, then these dialogue cards can help you. As a teacher, these cards can be used in your English class in a variety of different activities. For example, you could give one card to each student and ask them to walk around the class and greet each other in English.

Alternatively, to make it into a fun speaking activity, you could print out two sets of cards and ask students to walk around and greet each other while trying to find somebody with the same greeting as them.

Click the button below to download these ‘ways to say hello’ dialogue cards.

Ways To Say Hello In English | Poster

To remind your students of the many ways to say hello in English, why not download and print this A4 poster? Click the button below the poster to download for free.

Ways To Say Hello In English

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