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5 Super Fun Drawing Games Online

Playing drawing games online can be an incredibly fun way to interact and have fun with friends, students, and teachers online. Many of the drawing games online are free, interactive, and can be played by multiple people at once. Often these games are ‘guess the drawing games’ where you, your friend, or even an AI computer will guess the drawing.

In this post, we talk about our favorite fun drawing games online. If you’re a teacher, these drawing games are great to play with your students while teaching online via Zoom, Google Meet, video chat, etc. Or if you simply want a fun activity you can play with your friends online, these online drawing games are super fun.

Best Fun Drawing Games Online

Quick, Draw! from Google

Top of our list of fun drawing games online is ‘Quick, Draw’ from Google. This drawing game is actually an artificial experiment in which the AI bot uses machine learning to guess what you are drawing.

To play this game, simply visit https://quickdraw.withgoogle.com/ and click on ‘Let’s Draw’. After that, you will be challenged to draw something (for example, a hamburger) in under 20 seconds.

To begin, click and drag the mouse to draw the shape, and as you do the computer will try to guess what you are drawing. As it guesses, the computer calls out its guesses until it gets it right. You’ll be surprised just how well the AI bot can guess the answer. But, if you’re drawing is really terrible, it will guess wrong.

This online drawing game is incredibly fun to play on your own, or to challenge your friends or your students to play. After attempting 6 drawings, you can then share your drawings on Facebook, or if you are using Zoom, you can simply share your screen to show your friends or other students the funny drawings you made.

What we particularly liked about this drawing game online is that it is absolutely free and there are no ads.


This next fun drawing game online can be found at www.drawize.com/ and is a really fun drawing game that you can play with friends, students, and other players online.

In this game, you will be given an object to draw and then the other members in the group should guess what it is. To play with friends, or your students simply create a new room and share the link to that room for the others to join.

Or, if you are playing alone, you can choose to be join a random group online.

What we really like about this online drawing game is that when you have to guess, you have to type in the correct word on the screen. This makes this drawing game particularly useful for English teachers and English students to practice English vocabulary and spelling.

One thing to note is that Drawize does include advertisements, so please check it out before you share with students to make sure it is suitable for your students.


DrawSomething is a fantastic drawing game online you can play with friends, or with students. You can play on live video chat, or by simply sharing the link and your friends can play on their phones / computer.

Like the other games above, DrawSomething is an online ‘guess the drawing game’. To play, when it’s your turn to draw, you will be given 3 choices. Choose one and then draw it. The other players must then try to guess the drawing within 60 seconds.

To guess, the players must drag letters into the correct spaces to spell the word. This makes this drawing game particularly useful to play with ESL students so practice spelling English words.

Check it out at www.DrawSomething.com


This drawing game online is a little different from the others mentioned above, but it is incredibly fun to play. Unlike the ‘guess the drawing games’ above, this drawing game is one in which you draw a story as it happens.

The idea is simple. First you draw a simple stickman, and click ‘done’. Then the story begins. As the story progresses, you are asked to draw more items, to help the stickman in the story.

The stories in this drawing game a really fun, and kids, teenagers, and even adults will really enjoy playing this game. Although this drawing game is not a multiplayer drawing game, it is still possible to play online via Zoom / video chat by sharing your screen.

For example, you could share your screen with your students and have them take turns drawing the things in the story, while the other students help by reading out the story. There are several different stories for you to try, and you can even do the same story more than once.

This online drawing game is really fun, creative, and unique. Check it out at www.drawastickman.com.


This last drawing game online is another online ‘guess the drawing’ game. This game is a multiplayer drawing game that you can play with friends in a private room, or you can join other rooms and play with other players online.

To play, you simply write your name, or a nickname, and click play. Then, the players in the room take turns drawing / guessing. When you guess correctly, you get points which then get displayed on the leaderboard.

The points and leaderboard make this online drawing game perfect for playing over Zoom / video chat with friends or, if you’re a teacher, with your students. Check it out at www.skribble.io.

More Online Games

Thanks for reading. I hope you have fun playing these drawing games online with your friends/ students. For more online games and game ideas, check out the links below.