A Big Fat List Of Adjectives To Describe A Person (Plus Example Sentences)

Every person is different, and that’s why there are so many adjectives to describe a person in English! These adjectives can describe a person’s physical appearance, characteristics, and personality. Once someone learns these adjectives, they can use them to paint an accurate picture of a person in writing and everyday conversations.

Below, you’ll find a huge list of words to describe a person, including positive and negative adjectives, adjectives to describe a person’s behavior, and adjectives to describe a person’s physical appearance. We will also show you an example sentence with each adjective so you can see how to use these useful words in your English writing and conversations.

Positive Adjectives To Describe A Person

  • Adaptable – “She was highly adaptable, quickly adjusting to the new software.
  • Affable – “His affable nature made him popular among his colleagues.
  • Ambitious – “He’s ambitious and dreams of running his own company someday.
  • Amiable – “Her amiable personality makes her a great team leader.
  • Articulate – “He was articulate in expressing his ideas during the meeting.
  • Astute – “Her astute observations often led to successful business strategies.
  • Benevolent – “His benevolent actions have helped many in the community.
  • Brave – “She was brave in speaking out against injustice.
  • Charismatic – “The leader’s charismatic presence energized the crowd.
  • Compassionate – “Her compassionate approach comforted those in need.
  • Conscientious – “He is conscientious about meeting his deadlines.
  • Courteous – “She remained courteous even in difficult situations.
  • Creative – “His creative solutions often saved the day at work.
  • Diligent – “Her diligent work ethic earned her a promotion.
  • Empathetic – “His empathetic nature made him a great counselor.
  • Energetic – “Her energetic enthusiasm was infectious.
  • Generous – “He is known for his generous contributions to charity.
  • Gracious – “She was gracious even after the tough competition.
  • Honest – “His honest approach built trust with his clients.
  • Imaginative – “Her imaginative ideas always amazed us.
  • Innovative – “His innovative approach solved many complex problems.
  • Insightful – “Her insightful comments added depth to the discussion.
  • Inspiring – “His life story is truly inspiring.
  • Intelligent – “She is intelligent and well-read.
  • Kind – “His kind words made her day.
  • Loyal – “She remained loyal to her team through thick and thin.
  • Optimistic – “He’s always optimistic about the future.
  • Passionate – “She is passionate about environmental issues.
  • Patient – “Her patient demeanor calms anxious patients.
  • Persevering – “His persevering spirit helped him overcome challenges.
  • Pragmatic – “She’s pragmatic in her approach to problem-solving.
  • Proactive – “He’s proactive in identifying and solving issues.
  • Resourceful – “Her resourceful thinking saved the project.
  • Respectful – “He is always respectful towards his elders.
  • Responsible – “She’s responsible for leading the new project.
  • Sincere – “His sincere apology was well received.
  • Thoughtful – “Her thoughtful gift was deeply appreciated.
  • Trustworthy – “He is trustworthy and keeps his promises.
  • Understanding – “She was very understanding of my situation.
  • Wise – “His wise advice often guided us through tough times.

Negative Adjectives To Describe A Person

  • Abrasive – “His abrasive manner often upset his colleagues.
  • Aloof – “She seemed aloof and distant during the meeting.
  • Arrogant – “His arrogant attitude made him unpopular at work.
  • Belligerent – “He became belligerent when anyone disagreed with him.
  • Bigoted – “His bigoted comments were offensive to many.
  • Callous – “Her callous remarks hurt her friend’s feelings.
  • Cantankerous – “The cantankerous old man complained about everything.
  • Careless – “His careless mistakes cost the company money.
  • Cynical – “Her cynical view of the world made her pessimistic.
  • Deceitful – “He was fired for being deceitful about his qualifications.
  • Detached – “His detached attitude made him seem uninterested.
  • Dishonest – “Her dishonest behavior lost her many friends.
  • Disrespectful – “His disrespectful comments were not tolerated.
  • Egotistical – “Her egotistical nature often led to conflicts.
  • Envious – “He was envious of his colleague’s success.
  • Flaky – “She was considered flaky due to her unreliability.
  • Grumpy – “The grumpy cashier didn’t smile once.
  • Impulsive – “His impulsive decisions often led to trouble.
  • Inconsiderate – “Her inconsiderate actions upset her team.
  • Indifferent – “He was indifferent to the needs of his clients.
  • Irresponsible – “His irresponsible spending caused financial problems.
  • Jealous – “She was jealous of her sister’s achievements.
  • Judgmental – “His judgmental attitude was off-putting.
  • Lazy – “He was too lazy to complete his part of the project.
  • Manipulative – “Her manipulative tactics were unethical.
  • Moody – “His moody behavior made him unpredictable.
  • Narcissistic – “His narcissistic tendencies made teamwork difficult.
  • Obnoxious – “The obnoxious guest ruined the party.
  • Overbearing – “Her overbearing nature dominated every conversation.
  • Pessimistic – “His pessimistic outlook demoralized the team.
  • Petty – “He was petty about small mistakes.
  • Pompous – “His pompous speeches were full of self-importance.
  • Quarrelsome – “The quarrelsome employee caused tension.
  • Rude – “His rude comments were inappropriate.
  • Sarcastic – “Her sarcastic tone often hurt others’ feelings.
  • Selfish – “His selfish actions disregarded others’ needs.
  • Stubborn – “Her stubborn refusal to adapt caused problems.
  • Tactless – “His tactless remarks embarrassed his colleagues.
  • Unreliable – “She was known to be unreliable with deadlines.
  • Vain – “He was vain about his appearance to an extreme degree.

Adjectives To Describe A Person’s Personality

  • Adventurous“She’s adventurous; always the first to try new experiences.”
  • Agreeable“He’s very agreeable, always making sure everyone’s happy.”
  • Brash“His brash personality sometimes offends his colleagues.”
  • Cautious“She’s cautious in her decision-making, always weighing the risks.”
  • Charming“His charming personality wins over everyone he meets.”
  • Cheerful“She’s always so cheerful, brightening up our days.”
  • Competitive“He’s highly competitive, always striving to be the best.”
  • Confident“Her confident demeanor inspires her team.”
  • Curious“His curious nature leads him to explore all sorts of subjects.”
  • Determined“Her determined attitude helps her overcome any challenge.”
  • Diplomatic“He’s very diplomatic, able to resolve conflicts with ease.”
  • Empathetic“She’s empathetic, always understanding others’ feelings.”
  • Exuberant“His exuberant personality is contagious.”
  • Frank“She’s quite frank, always speaking her mind.”
  • Generous“He’s known for his generous spirit, always helping others.”
  • Humble“Despite her successes, she remains humble.”
  • Impulsive“His impulsive nature often leads him into unexpected situations.”
  • Independent“She’s fiercely independent, always relying on herself.”
  • Inquisitive“Her inquisitive mind never stops asking questions.”
  • Jovial“He’s always jovial, making everyone laugh.”
  • Kind-hearted“She’s kind-hearted, always caring for others.”
  • Meticulous“He’s meticulous in his work, paying attention to every detail.”
  • Optimistic“Her optimistic outlook is truly inspiring.”
  • Pensive“He often appears pensive, lost in his thoughts.”
  • Practical“She’s very practical, always finding efficient solutions.”
  • Quirky“His quirky sense of humor is unique and endearing.”
  • Reliable“She’s the most reliable person on our team.”
  • Reserved“He’s quite reserved, preferring to listen rather than speak.”
  • Resourceful“Her resourceful nature helps her solve complex problems.”
  • Sarcastic“His sarcastic remarks are often misunderstood.”
  • Sincere“She’s sincere in her interactions, always genuine.”
  • Tactful“He’s tactful in his responses, never offending anyone.”
  • Tenacious“Her tenacious spirit is admirable.”
  • Thoughtful“He’s always thoughtful, considering others’ feelings.”
  • Unassuming“Despite her talents, she’s quite unassuming.”
  • Vivacious“Her vivacious personality makes her the life of the party.”
  • Witty“She’s so witty, always making clever remarks.”
  • Zealous“His zealous commitment to the cause is remarkable.”

Adjectives To Describe A Person’s Physical Appearance

Adjectives To Describe A Person

Here’s a list of adjectives to describe a person’s physical appearance with example sentences.

  • Attractive – “She is a very attractive woman.
  • Bald – “I have a bald head.
  • Beautiful – “You have beautiful eyes.
  • Big – “He has a big nose.
  • Blonde – “She has blonde hair.
  • Black – “My mom has long black hair.
  • Blue – “He has blue eyes.
  • Brown – “She has brown eyes.
  • Chubby – “The boy has chubby cheeks.
  • Cute – “Look at that cute baby.
  • Fat – “I’m looking a little fat these days.
  • Funny – “The clown has a funny face.
  • Gorgeous – “You look absolutely gorgeous in that dress.
  • Handsome – “You look very handsome in your suit.
  • Large – “The clown also has very large feet.
  • Long – “Your fingernails are too long.
  • Old – “The old man is sitting watching TV.
  • Oval – “The child had a cute oval face.
  • Pretty – “Look how pretty she is!
  • Round – “The girl has a round face.
  • Short I am very short compared to my brothers.
  • Slim – “You look slim. Have you lost some weight?
  • Small – “She has a small nose.
  • Stylish – “Your hair is very stylish.
  • Sall – “She is very tall compared to me.
  • Thick – “She had thick blonde hair.
  • Thin – “You look very thin these days.
  • Ugly – “The witch was very ugly.
  • White – “The old man has white hair.
  • Yellow – “The ugly witch has yellow teeth.
  • Young – “The young boy is playing in the park.”
Adjectives To Describe Appearance

Adjectives To Describe People – Examples With Pictures

Adjectives To Describe A Person’s Hair

Descriptive Adjective - Long


She has long hair.

Descriptive Adjective - Short Hair


He has short hair.

Descriptive Adjective - Straight


She has straight hair.

Descriptive Adjective - Curly


He has curly hair.

Descriptive Adjective - wavy


She has wavy hair.

Descriptive Adjective - Blonde hair


She has blonde hair.

Descriptive Adjective - Black hair


She has black hair.

Descriptive Adjective - Brown Hair


She has brown hair.

Descriptive Adjective - Gray hair


She has gray hair.

Descriptive Adjective - bald


He is bald.

Adjectives To Describe A Person’s Eyes

Descriptive Adjective - Big Eyes


He has big eyes.

Descriptive Adjective - Small Eyes


She has small eyes.

Descriptive Adjective - Blue Eyes


He has blue eyes.

Descriptive Adjective - beautiful eyes


She has beautiful eyes.

Adjectives To Describe A Person’s Face

Descriptive Adjective - Round face


The boy has a round face.

Descriptive Adjective - Oval Face


He has an oval face.

Descriptive Adjective - Square face


He has a square face.

Descriptive Adjective - Big Nose


He has a big nose.

Descriptive Adjective - Small Nose


Her nose is small.

Descriptive Adjective - Big Ears


He has big ears.

Descriptive Adjective - Small Ears


She has small ears.

Descriptive Adjective - Big Mouth


He has a big mouth.

Descriptive Adjective - Small Mouth


She has a small mouth.

Adjectives To Describe A Person’s Height

Descriptive Adjective - Tall


He is very tall.

Descriptive Adjective - Short


He is very short.

Descriptive Adjective - Average-Height

Average Height

He is of average height.

Adjectives To Describe A Person’s Body

Descriptive Adjective - fat


He is fat.

Descriptive Adjective - Slim


She is slim.

Descriptive Adjective - thin


He is very thin.

Descriptive Adjective - skinny


He is skinny.

Adjectives To Describe A Person’s General Appearance

Descriptive Adjective - beautiful


She is so beautiful.

Descriptive Adjective - Pretty


She is very pretty.

Descriptive Adjective - Handsome


He is very handsome.

Descriptive Adjective - Cute


The baby is very cute.

Descriptive Adjective - Funny


The clown looks funny.

Descriptive Adjective - Ugly


The witch looks ugly.

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