Adjectives To Describe People | With Examples And Pictures

Adjectives To Describe A Person

Describing people’s physical appearance is something all English language students must learn. To do this, students must learn adjectives to describe people. Once they know enough vocabulary about describing physical appearance, students will be able to use these adjectives to describe their friends, family, and other people around them.

In this post, we have put together a list of adjectives to describe a person. You’ll find a list of words to describe a person and their physical appearance. Check the bottom of the page for some related resources for teaching English lessons about describing people and their physical appearance.

Adjectives To Describe People – Physical Appearance

Here’s a list of adjectives to describe a person’s physical appearance with example sentences.

  • attractive She is a very attractive woman.
  • bald I have a bald head.
  • beautiful You have beautiful eyes.
  • big He has a big nose.
  • blonde She has blonde hair.
  • black My mom has long black hair.
  • blue He has blue eyes.
  • brownShe has brown eyes.
  • chubbyThe boy has chubby cheeks.
  • cute Look at that cute baby.
  • fat I’m looking a little fat these days.
  • funny The clown has a funny face.
  • gorgeousYou look absolutely gorgeous in that dress.
  • handsome You look very handsome in your suit.
  • largeThe clown also has very large feet.
  • longYour fingernails are too long.
  • old The old man is sitting watching TV.
  • oval The child had a cute oval face.
  • pretty Look how pretty she is!
  • round The girl has a round face.
  • short I am very short compared to my brothers.
  • slim You look slim. Have you lost some weight?
  • small She has a small nose.
  • stylish Your hair is very stylish.
  • tall She is very tall compared to me.
  • thick She had thick blonde hair.
  • thin You look very thin these days.
  • ugly The witch was very ugly.
  • white The old man has white hair.
  • yellow The ugly witch has yellow teeth.
  • young The young boy is playing in the park.

Adjectives To Describe People – Examples With Pictures

Adjectives To Describe A Person’s Hair

Descriptive Adjective - Long


She has long hair.

Descriptive Adjective - Short Hair


He has short hair.

Descriptive Adjective - Straight


She has straight hair.

Descriptive Adjective - Curly


He has curly hair.

Descriptive Adjective - wavy


She has wavy hair.

Descriptive Adjective - Blonde hair


She has blonde hair.

Descriptive Adjective - Black hair


She has black hair.

Descriptive Adjective - Brown Hair


She has brown hair.

Descriptive Adjective - Gray hair


She has gray hair.

Descriptive Adjective - bald


He is bald.

Adjectives To Describe A Person’s Eyes

Descriptive Adjective - Big Eyes


He has big eyes.

Descriptive Adjective - Small Eyes


She has small eyes.

Descriptive Adjective - Blue Eyes


He has blue eyes.

Descriptive Adjective - beautiful eyes


She has beautiful eyes.

Adjectives To Describe A Person’s Face

Descriptive Adjective - Round face


The boy has a round face.

Descriptive Adjective - Oval Face


He has an oval face.

Descriptive Adjective - Square face


He has a square face.

Descriptive Adjective - Big Nose


He has a big nose.

Descriptive Adjective - Small Nose


Her nose is small.

Descriptive Adjective - Big Ears


He has big ears.

Descriptive Adjective - Small Ears


She has small ears.

Descriptive Adjective - Big Mouth


He has a big mouth.

Descriptive Adjective - Small Mouth


She has a small mouth.

Adjectives To Describe A Person’s Height

Descriptive Adjective - Tall


He is very tall.

Descriptive Adjective - Short


He is very short.

Descriptive Adjective - Average-Height

Average Height

He is of average height.

Adjectives To Describe A Person’s Body

Descriptive Adjective - fat


He is fat.

Descriptive Adjective - Slim


She is slim.

Descriptive Adjective - thin


He is very thin.

Descriptive Adjective - skinny


He is skinny.

Adjectives To Describe A Person’s General Appearance

Descriptive Adjective - beautiful


She is so beautiful.

Descriptive Adjective - Pretty


She is very pretty.

Descriptive Adjective - Handsome


He is very handsome.

Descriptive Adjective - Cute


The baby is very cute.

Descriptive Adjective - Funny


The clown looks funny.

Descriptive Adjective - Ugly


The witch looks ugly.

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