Middle School Debate Topics

50 Debate Topics For Middle School Students

Debates are a fantastic way to teach a number of skills to middle school students. They help students to develop the ability to research a topic, work as a team, practice public speaking, and improve their critical thinking skills. For teachers, however, it can be challenging to come up with debate topics for middle school students that are fun, interesting, and engaging. So to help you out, we have put together this list of 50 debate topics for middle school students. Some are fun and silly, some are serious, and some are even controversial. But all of these debate topics are guaranteed to engage your teenage students in a meaningful debate.

Debate Topics For Middle School Students

  1. Should students be allowed to listen to music while they study?
  2. Should school start later in the morning?
  3. Are video games harmful to teenagers?
  4. Should students be required to do community service?
  5. Should there be stricter rules about cellphone usage in schools?
  6. Are standardized tests an effective measure of student learning?
  7. Is year-round schooling a good idea?
  8. Should teachers be allowed to wear jeans to school?
  9. Is homeschooling a good option for teenagers?
  10. Are private schools better than public schools?
  11. What is the best way to deal with bullying in schools?
  12. Should school uniforms be required in all schools?
  13. Is corporal punishment an effective form of discipline?
  14. Are single-sex schools better than co-ed schools?
  15. What is the best way to deal with cheating in schools?
  16. Should boys and girls be taught in separate classes?
  17. Should evolution be taught in schools?
  18. Who are better teachers? Men or women?
  19. Should all students learn a foreign language in school?
  20. Which foreign language should be required in schools?
  21. How can teachers make math more interesting for students?
  22. How can teachers make science more interesting for students?
  23. What is the best way to teach reading and writing skills?
  24. Agree or disagree? Smartphones are making us stupid.
  25. Can there be more than one truth?
  26. Is it important for students to be exposed to the arts?
  27. What is the best way to incorporate the arts into the curriculum?
  28. Which class is more important? Physical education or math?
  29. Agree or disagree? All students should have free school meals?
  30. Recess and lunchtime should be made shorter, and classes made longer. Agree or disagree?
  31. How healthy are school lunches at your school?
  32. Will teachers ever be replaced by computers?
  33. Should schools be required to go green?
  34. How can we reduce the amount of waste produced by schools?
  35. Should students be allowed to grade teachers?
  36. Schools should be allowed to ban some books from the library.
  37. What kind of phones are the best? iPhones or Android phones?
  38. What is the best way to prevent weapons in schools?
  39. How should teachers keep students safe at school?
  40. Should metal detectors be used in schools?
  41. Should security guards be allowed in schools?
  42. How can we make sure all students feel welcome and included in school?
  43. What is the best way to deal with racism in schools?
  44. What is the best way to deal with sexism in schools?
  45. How can we make sure all students have access to a quality education?
  46. Should school libraries be replaced with tablets and eBooks?
  47. The school cafeteria should always have a meat-free option. Agree or disagree?
  48. What resources do middle school students need to succeed?
  49. Should teachers be held accountable for students’ grades?
  50. Middle school students should be allowed to drive. Agree or disagree?

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