Feelings and emotions game

Feelings And Emotions Game | Guess The Feeling

This feelings and emotions game is a fun activity for kids. Students must guess the feeling by answering the question ‘Are you (happy)?’ with either ‘Yes, I am.’ or ‘No, I’m not.’ This feelings game can be used online and in classes teaching feelings and emotions vocabulary and expressions such as ‘How are you?’ and ‘Are you happy?’. This activity is absolutely free to use in your lessons from this page or from YouTube. See below for more detailed instructions and related resources.

Feelings And Emotions Game

How To Play

To play this feelings game, simply show the video. There are 10 rounds and in each round students are asked ‘Are you (happy)?’. Students must then guess the answer by choosing either ‘Yes, I am.’ or ‘No, I’m not.’. After 5 seconds, the answer is revealed and if students guessed the feeling correctly, they get a point. There are many ways for students to indicate their answers. They could, for example, shout out the answer, write it down, raise their hands, move to one side of the classroom, etc.

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