ESL Game - Whose is it?

Possessive Pronouns Game – Whose Is It?

This Possessive Pronouns Game is a fun activity to review possessive pronouns with kids and beginner English language learners. This can be used in lessons teaching expressions such as ‘Whose is it?’, ‘Is it yours?’, ‘It’s his’, ‘It’s hers.’, ‘It’s mine.’, ‘It’s not mine.’, etc. This activity is absolutely FREE. Simply show this video in class from this page or from YouTube.

Possessive Pronouns Game – Whose Is It?

How To Play

Divide the class into TWO teams. Then each team will take turns in asking the question. There are 10 questions and each question asks students ‘Is this your (puppy/money, etc)?. The team can then choose one of two answers: ‘Yes, it’s mine.’ or ‘No, it’s not mine.’. Ask students to ‘vote’ on which answer to choose. 

To indicate their choice, ask students to make an O or an X with their hands/arms. Once the team has chosen, ask the students to answer using the target language. Then play the video to reveal the points. The team with the most points at the end of the ten questions is the winner.

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