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Daily Routine English ESL Worksheets

The ESL worksheets on this page can be used in English lessons about daily routines.

All of these daily routine worksheets are absolutely free to download.

See below for the daily routine worksheets and activity handouts that are currently available to download.

And check out the bottom of this page for other FREE resources to teach ESL lessons about daily routines.

ESL Worksheets About Daily Routines

Worksheet 1: Matching Worksheet

Daily Routines ESL worksheet

In this ESL worksheet students should read the daily routine vocabulary and then connect it to the correct picture. 

This worksheet is great for kids and beginner ESL students to learn daily routines in English. 

TIP: To turn this worksheet into a speaking activity, once students have connected the dots, encourage them to ask their partner what time they do those activities. 

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Worksheet 2: Jumbled Up Sentences

ESL Worksheet Daily Routines

In this worksheet students should rearrange the words to make the correct daily routine sentences. 

Good for beginner ESL students to practice vocabulary and sentence structure about daily routines. 

This worksheet focuses sentences such as  ‘What time do you (wake up)?’ – ‘I (wake up) at seven o’clock.’

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Worksheet 3: Daily Routines Writing Worksheet

Daily Routines Writing Worksheet

This simple writing worksheet is for beginner ESL students to practice writing the daily routine phrases in English.

Students should write each daily routine phrase 3 times. Click the button below to download this PDF worksheet.

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Worksheet 4: Daily Routine Bingo

ESL Daily Routine Worksheets

This bingo worksheet is an easy a fun activity to practice daily routine expressions. 

Students should cut out the daily routine pictures and arrange them in a 3×3 bingo grid. 

Then as the teacher calls out the daily routines (e.g. ‘I wake up at 7 o’clock.) the students can turn over the picture. 

Once students have 3 in a line they have 1 bingo line. The first student to get 2/3 lines of bingo is the winner. 

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Worksheet 5: What Time Do You…?

ESL Worksheet Daily Routines

To complete this worksheet, students should ask their friends ‘What time do you (have breakfast)?’. 

Then students should write their friends name and the time at which they do those daily activities on the worksheet. 

The activity finishes once students have filled in all the blank spaces in the table. 

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Worksheet 6: Daily Routines Q and a

Daily Routines Worksheet

This daily routine worksheet asks students to read the question and then write their own answer. 

Students answers should be based on the time that they do those daily routines. 

For example, ‘I (go to school) at 8 o’clock.’

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Worksheet 7: My day

To complete this daily routine worksheet students should draw hands on the clocks to show the time that they do those things. 

Then they should write a complete sentence on the lines beneath. To make this into a fun speaking activity, once students have completed the worksheet you can ask them to walk around the class and ask their classmates about their daily routine.

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Worksheet 8: Daily Routines Board Game

daily routine board game

This printable worksheet is a daily routines board game. This game is best played in pairs. Each pair of students needs one board game and an eraser each. 

To play, students should take turns flicking the eraser up the board. When it lands on a picture the two students should then make a dialogue based on the daily routine in that area. For example, “What time do you get up?” – “I get up at 7 o’clock.”

After making a dialogue, the student who flicked the eraser can write his / her name in that area. Then it is the next students turn. At the end of the activity, the student with the most areas is the winner.

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