Daily Routine Examples | Useful List of Daily Routine Words With Pictures

Daily Routine List With Eamples

This page is a list of daily routine examples and phrases to describe your daily routine in English. Improve your vocabulary by learning these daily activity words and expressions. By learning daily routine vocabulary in English your students will be able to talk about their daily activities and what they usually do during their day. Below you will find a list of daily routine examples, followed by daily routine words with pictures. And, for daily routine activities and games, check the bottom of the page. 

List of Daily Routine Examples

  • wake up
  • have breakfast
  • brush your teeth
  • take a shower
  • take a bath
  • get dressed
  • go to school
  • study English
  • have lunch
  • wash the dishes
  • read a book
  • do your homework
  • cook dinner
  • go to bed
  • practice the guitar
  • play with friends
  • exercise
  • brush your hair
  • go shopping
  • go for a walk
  • take out the trash
  • clean the house
  • read the newspaper
  • surf the internet
  • water the plants
  • watch TV
  • relax
  • listen to music
  • do the laundry
  • iron the clothes
  • feed the dog
  • walk the dog
  • take a taxi

Daily Routine Examples With Pictures

wake up

Daily Routine Example

have breakfast

breakfast on a plate

brush your teeth

daily routine - boy brushing his teeth

take a shower

Daily Routine - boy taking a shower

take a bath

Daily Routine example - take a bath

get dressed

Daily Routine - getting dressed

go to school

Daily routine Example - go to school

study English

daily routine - buy studying English

have lunch

Daily Routine Examples - Have Lunch

wash the dishes

Daily Routine Example - Washing The dishes

read a book

Boy reading a book as part of his daily routine

do your homework

Daily routine - girl doing her homework

cook dinner

Daily routine - cook dinner

go to bed

daily routine - go to bed

practice the guitar

girl practicing the guitar

play with friends

children friends playing


daily routine - boy exercising

brush your hair

girl brushing her hair as part of her daily routine

go shopping

Shopping cart full of groceries

go for a walk

Daily routine - go for a walk

take out the trash

boy taking out the trash - daily routine examples

clean the house

Girl vacuuming

read the newspaper

man reading the news paper

surf the internet

boy surfing the internet

water the plants

boy watering the plants

watch TV

family watching TV


Man relaxing at home

listen to music

man listening to music

do the laundry

example of a daily routine - woman doing the laundry

iron the clothes

daily routine example - woman ironing clothes

feed the dogs

man feeding dogs

walk the dogs

daily routine examples - a man walking dogs

take a taxi

A yellow taxi cab

Daily Routine Examples And Activities

1. Daily Routine Words Guessing Game

This Daily Routine activity is a fun guessing game. It is great to introduce or review daily routine words with students. Simply play the video in class. Students must try to guess what the daily routine word is before the image is fully revealed. Then students should practice making daily routine sentences using the example. For more ESL activity videos, check out our activity videos page by clicking on the button below. 

2. Daily Routine Printable Board Games

daily routine board game

Teach daily routine words with printable board games and flashcards. Click on the button below to see all the daily routine materials currently available for download. 

3. Daily Routine Worksheets

ESL Worksheet Daily Routines

Download many ESL worksheets to teach daily routine words and sentences in English. Click the button below to check the daily routine worksheets currently available. 

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