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The PDF worksheets on this page can be used in English lessons about the prepositions of time IN ON AT. All these prepositions of time worksheets are free and can be downloaded as a printable PDF. See below for the prepositions of time worksheets currently available to download. And check out the bottom of this page for other FREE related English lesson resources.

Prepositions Of Time Worksheets: In On At

Worksheet 1: in On At Exercise Worksheet

Preposition of Time exercise worksheet

This first worksheet is a preposition of time exercise worksheet with 15 questions. Students should read the sentence and fill in the blank space with either in, on, or at.

Worksheet 2: Complete The Table

Prepositions Of Time Worksheets

In this worksheet, students should read the expressions about time and then write it in the correct column to complete the table. There are 4 columns. In, on, at, and no preposition

Worksheet 3: Find Somebody Who…

Prepositions Of Time Worksheet

In this ‘Find somebody who..’ worksheet, students will read 10 prepositions of time sentences. Then they should speak with their classmates to find somebody who those sentences apply today. 

Worksheet 4: Find Your Partner Cards

Prepositions Of Time Find Cards

This worksheet has 8 phrases which include prepositions of time in, on, and at. These are great for activities such as find your partner, line bingo, matching games, and so on.

Worksheet 5: Prepositions Of Time Board Game

Prepositions Of Time Board Game

This worksheet is a prepositions of time board game. In pairs, students should take turns rolling the dice. Then, when they land on a square they should make a sentence using the preposition of time in that area.

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