Seasons Lesson Plan

Seasons Lesson Plan For Kids

In this seasons lesson plan, students will learn the names of the seasons and related vocabulary while singing songs, playing games, and completing a worksheet. This lesson plan is ideal for kids and beginner English language learners and comes complete with all the necessary resources.

Seasons Lesson Plan

1. Warm Up – Seasons Song

Kids love to sing and dance and a great way to start your seasons lesson is to sing a fun seasons song. There are many songs on YouTube but we particularly like this song by Jack Hartman. Play the song and ask students to guess what they will learn today. Then play the song again and ask students what words they can remember.

2. Teach The Four Seasons

Seasons Lesson - Flashcards

Using these flashcards, teach the names of the four seasons. Show the flashcards to students and have them repeat after you. Next, ask students to say each word on their own. Once students have practiced the names of the four seasons enough, place them on the board.

Next, teach the words hot, cold, cool, and warm using the flashcards above. Then, ask students which of these words describes summer, winter, etc. Place each of the flashcards under the corresponding season and then say “It’s hot in summer.“, “It’s cold in winter.“, etc, and have students repeat after you.

3. Find Your Partner

Next, it’s time to play a fun game. Download and print several sets of these smaller flashcards (enough so each student has one card). Cut them up and give one card to each student.

Tell students not to show their cards to anyone else. Students must then walk around the class and ‘find their partner’. Students with ‘summer’ must find someone with ‘hot’, students with ‘winter’ must find ‘cold’, etc. Once students find their partner, they should go to the teacher and together say the target expression (For example, “It’s hot in summer.”).

4. Four Seasons Corner Game

This next activity is perfect for any lesson teaching the four seasons and kids absolutely love playing this game.

To play, first, place one season flashcard in each of the four corners of the classroom. Next, choose one student to be ‘it’ and ask them up to the front of the class and tell them to close their eyes. Then, give students 5 seconds to choose a season and run to that corner of the classroom.

After the 5 seconds, ask the student who is ‘it’ “What is your favorite season?“, to which he/she should answer, “My favorite season is (spring).” Any student that is in the ‘spring’ corner is out and must sit down. Play again and again until only one student is left standing. This student is the winner and gets to be ‘it’ in the next round.

5. Review – Worksheet

Seasons Lesson - Worksheet

This final activity is a worksheet for reviewing the names of the four seasons along with words to describe the seasons. Download and print this worksheet and give one to each student. To complete the worksheet, students must look at the pictures, find the correct word in the box, and then write the word in the blank space.

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