List Of School Subjects

List Of School Subjects

Learn the names of school subjects in English with this extensive list of school subjects. Below, you will find a list of school subjects in English with pictures and example sentences. Learning the names of school subjects is very important for English learners. Not only will they be able to talk about their favorite subjects and classes they like and don’t like, but they will also be able to use this vocabulary during interviews with employers or universities when they talk about what classes they have studied and what classes they want to study in the future.

List Of School Subjects in English

Here is a list of school subjects in English. These school subjects are ones that students typically study at elementary, middle, and high school.

  • English
  • math
  • art
  • science
  • history
  • music
  • geography
  • P.E (Physical Education)
  • drama
  • biology
  • chemistry
  • physics
  • I.T (Information Technology)
  • foreign languages
  • social studies
  • technology
  • philosophy
  • graphic design
  • literature
  • algebra
  • geometry

List Of School Subjects With Pictures

If you’re learning or teaching English lessons about school subjects, then this list of school subjects with pictures will be useful. You can also download this school subjects PPT to use in your class.

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