Parts Of The Hand In English

Parts Of The Hand And Finger Names In English

Learn the names of parts of the hand in English with this useful vocabulary list! Below, you’ll find a list of parts of the hand and finger names in English with pictures and example sentences. Learning this vocabulary will be particularly helpful to English language learners when they want to describe parts of the hand or particular fingers in medical situations and in everyday conversation. Let’s get started!

Parts Of The Hand And Finger Names

Parts Of The Hand And Finger Names

Here is a list of parts of the hand and finger names in English:

  • hand
  • fist
  • palm
  • back of hand
  • wrist
  • knuckles
  • fingers
  • fingernail
  • index finger
  • middle finger
  • ring finger
  • little finger
  • thumb

Example Sentences Using Hand Part Names

So you can see how to use the hand part names in real situations, here are some useful example sentences:


When trying to hitch-hike, Chris held out his thumb to stop the cars.

Index Finger

“Kelly pointed to the dress she likes with her index finger.”

Middle Finger

“He cut his middle finger while chopping carrots for dinner.”

Ring Finger

“He bent down on one knee and placed the ring on her ring finger as he proposed.”

Little Finger

“When drinking tea, Sarah always raises her little finger.”


“His palm really hurt after catching the fast baseball.”

Back of the Hand

“As Tom was riding his bike, he felt rain fall on the back of his hand and knew he should hurry home.”


“She painted her fingernails red to match her dress.”


“Jane hates the way Tom always cracks his knuckles.”


“Michael wears a smartwatch on his left wrist.”

Parts Of The Hand Worksheet

Parts Of The Hand In English - Worksheet

To help you learn or teach parts of the hand in English, here is a fun worksheet. To complete the worksheet, students must correctly label the parts of the hand using the hand part names provided. As always, this worksheet is FREE!

Parts Of The Hand – Flashcards

Parts Of The Hand - Flashcards

Download these free parts of the hand flashcards and use them in class today! This PDF includes 8 flashcards for teaching the following hand part names: little finger, ring finger, middle finger, index finger, thumb, knuckle, palm, and wrist.

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