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Students love this simple ESL PowerPoint game, especially when they guess correctly. It can be played individually, or in pairs / small teams. Simply download the blank template below and add images and key sentences from your lesson. 


There are ten questions. For each question, students will see two possible answers. Students must use ‘Telepathy’ to read the teachers mind and guess the answer. Then, they write down their guess. 

Alternatively, students can indicate their guess by raising their hand / moving to one side of the room, etc. If they guess correctly, then they get a point. The student / team with the most points at the end is the winner. 

TIP: Kids love to pretend that they have the power of ‘Telepathy’. Teachers can play along by acting like they also have this superpower and are sending the answer to students using the power of their minds. 


ESL PowerPoint Game


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