These printable materials are to teach vocabulary to do with money and ‘How much is it?’. These can be used with expressions such as ‘How much is it?’- ‘It’s ten dollars’, etc. See below for the FREE printable resources currently available to download. 

Board Game – The Spinner Game

This Board Game is best played in pairs. Each pair of students needs one pencil and one paper clip. Place the clip in the middle and place the pencil in the middle of the clip. Then flick the paper clip to make it spin. Then students should ask and answer ‘How much is it?’

Board Game – Race Around the World

No Need for Dice! In this board game students play rock, scissors, paper and ‘race around the world’. One student moves clockwise and one student moves anti-clockwise. Every time the student moves to a new square they should make a dialogue. For example, ‘How much is it?’ – ‘It’s 5 dollars.’