ESL Game - How much is it?

How Much Is It? Game

This fun ESL game is a guessing game to teach money, numbers, and ‘How much is it?‘. There are 10 question. In each question students must guess the price of the object while answering ‘How much is it?’. This is a great activity to introduce or review English lessons about money and numbers. This activity is absolutely FREE. Simply show this video in class from this page or from our YouTube Channel

How Much Is It? Game – How To Play

To play this game, simply show the video in class. There are 10 questions. Each question asks students ‘How much is it?’ and shows them three prices. Students must try to guess the price. To answer, students can either write the sentence down (e.g. ‘It’s 10 dollars.’), or simply say the answer or raise their hand. This game can be played individually, in pairs, or as a whole class activity.