Phonics Alphabet Games

Fun Phonics Alphabet Games | Guessing Games For Kids

Make learning the alphabet sounds fun with these awesome phonics games. Below you’ll find games for teaching the alphabet sounds of letters A to Z. These activities are perfect for kids and beginner English language learners. Each game focuses on one letter sound and asks students to guess the word before the picture is revealed. As always, these games are FREE to use in your class!

How To Play

In each of the phonics games below, students will see an outline being drawn of something that begins with a letter of the alphabet. Students must guess the word before the time runs out.

These games can be used at the beginning of any phonics lesson to activate students’ existing knowledge of the alphabet sounds, or at the end of any phonics lesson to review.

To play, simply show the video in class. Students will have 5 seconds to guess what word is beginning with a particular letter of the alphabet. To have students guess, you can ask them to raise their hands or to shout out the answer once they know. At the end of the activity, review the letter sound and all five words with students.

Phonics Games For Kids | A to Z

Letter A Game

Letter B Game

Letter C Game

Letter D Game

Letter E Game

Letter F Game

Letter G Game

Letter H Game

Letter I Game

Letter J Game

Letter K Game

Letter L Game

Letter M Game

Letter N Game

Letter O Game

Letter P Game

Letter Q Game

Letter R Game

Letter S Game

Letter T Game

Letter U Game

Letter V Game

Letter W Game

Letter X Game

Letter Y Game

Letter Z Game

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