Free Phonics Games For Kids | The Phonics Train Game

Make learning phonics fun with these incredibly fun phonics games for kids. Whether you teach kindergarten or elementary school kids, these phonics games are great to review phonics in a fun and engaging way. The Phonics Train is an online phonics flashcard game. There are 6 online phonics games on this. The first is a a game to teach the initial phonics sounds of the alphabet for letters A to Z.

The other five phonics games are to teach CVC word families with vowels a, e, i, o, and u. All these phonics games can be played online and are absolutely FREE. Simply play the video from this page, or from our YouTube channel and pause the video when you see the pause sign. Also, all the phonics flashcards from these videos can be downloaded for free from our flashcard page.


The Phonics Train will pass by with five phonics words on it. Then, it will pass by again but this time with some words missing. Students must try to guess which word is missing. This game is based on the classic classroom game ‘What’s missing?’ and is a lot of fun. There are 4 levels: Slow, Fast, Very Fast, and Super Fast. 

Free Phonics Games For Kids

Phonics Game A to Z

Phonics Game CVC – A

Phonics Game CVC – E

Phonics Game CVC – I

Phonics Game CVC – O

Phonics Game CVC – U

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