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This fun ESL game is a ‘Hidden Picture’ style activity to teach English vocabulary to do with buildings and places around town. This is a great activity to use to introduce or review vocabulary with beginner students. It can be used in lessons teaching expressions which include buildings and places, such as ‘Where is the bank?’ , ‘It’s next to the library.’, etc.

There are 10 pictures of buildings / places hidden behind colored shapes. As the shapes slowly disappear, students must try to guess what building / place it is. This activity is absolutely FREE. Simply show this video in class from this page or from our YouTube Channel

ESL Game Buildings and Places

This fun ESL game is a ‘Hidden Picture’ game to teach vocabulary about buildings and places. This activity is great as an introduction or review activity. Simply play the video and ask students to guess what building or place is in the picture. To play, Simply play the video in class. There are 10 pictures of different buildings or places you typically find in a town/city. 

All the pictures are hidden behind color shapes and the shapes will slowly disappear. Students must try to guess what the building/place is before the image is revealed. Vocabulary includes supermarket, bakery, bookstore, airport, train station, hospital, theater, park, museum, and restaurant.


Download this video activity for just $3. 

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