Telling The Time Game

This telling the time game is great for English lessons teaching how to tell the time in English. There are ten rounds and each round will ask ‘What time is it?’ and students must look at the clock and tell the time. Then, they must choose the sentence which correctly says the time in English. This activity is ideal for beginner English language learners in lessons about ‘What time is it?’ and telling the time in English. As always, this activity is free to use in your class from this page or from YouTube.

Telling The Time Game

How To Play

To play, simply show the video in class. There are 10 rounds and each round asks students ‘What time is it?’ and shows them a picture of a clock. Students then have ten seconds to choose the correct time. Students can show their answers in a variety of different ways. You can ask students to call out the answer, raise their hands to indicate their answer, write the answer down, move to one side of the room, etc. Pause the video, if your students need more time to answer.

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